Expertly Designed Underground Structures Around the World

To make an underground structure, a design team has to put a lot of thought into the design. A construction team also has to put a lot of thought into the construction itself. Both of these things make underground structures beautiful and interesting. Here are some of the biggest manmade underground structures around the world.

Deepest Subway Station: Arsenalna Station | Kyiv, Ukraine | 346 Feet Below Ground

Arsenalna station is as deep as it is because the town itself sits on a tall hill. As a matter of fact, the subway doesn?t go deep into the ground. Rather, it goes straight through the hill that Arsenalna sits on top of. This exerts less stress on the subway train, even though it means you have to take a five-minute escalator to reach the surface.

Deepest Basement: Sydney Opera House | Sydney, Australia | 120 Feet Below Ground

Most people know the Sydney Opera House for the beautiful structure aboveground, but did you know that the area underneath is just as beautiful? The parking garage underneath the Sydney Opera House is also the world?s deepest basement. It?s a unique double helix shape to conform to fire safety restrictions.

Longest Underground Tunnel: Gotthard Base Tunnel | Swiss Alps, Switzerland | 35 Miles Long

The Gotthard Base Tunnel isn?t just a long underground tunnel. It?s also the first-ever flat path through the Swiss Alps. That means people can get between the two cities of Erstfeld and Bodio without having to go through a long and winding path.

Deepest Building Foundation: Salesforce Tower | San Francisco, United States | 310 Feet Below Grade

Even though the Salesforce Tower isn?t the tallest skyscraper in the world, it has the deepest building foundation in the world because it?s in an earthquake-prone area. This foundation includes a 14-foot-thick concrete slab that stretches across nearly an acre. It set new benchmarks in seismic safety, making Salesforce Tower a very safe place to be.

Biggest Underground City: Derinkuyu Tunnels | Cappadocia, Turkey | 18 Stories Deep

The Derinkuyu Tunnels are proof that underground architecture isn?t just a modern invention. Evidence shows that these tunnels were complete by around 1200 AD and were used by the people in Cappadocia to hide when war would arrive nearby. They were rediscovered in 1963 after being lost in the early 20th century.

Deepest Underground Research Center: Jinping Underground Laboratory | Sichuan, China | 7,900 Feet Deep

Underground research centers are a great way to combat cosmic radiation. The Jinping Underground Laboratory, which is in a former gold mine, currently hosts more than 28 active research projects, which includes crucial work on topics like dark matter. There?s also room for further expansion.

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