Expensive Repairs after Accident Crash

Besides the trauma of suffering the accident, your financial position also gets affected due to this. You have to pay for the damage that happened to your car in the event of the accident and this can cause you another trauma. Here are the most expensive car repairs after the car accident.


The thing you never wanted to hear from a mechanic is that accident caused major engine damage to your car. Engines usually receive damage in a front-end collision. Though the bumper is placed to protect the engine from getting damaged too much pressure can cripple the bumper. 

Sometimes, the engine cannot be repaired or salvaged. Although expense depends on the damage caused to the vehicle usually it cost around $7, 000-$10, 000. In many cases, buying a new engine is cheaper than fixing the damaged one.


The bumper is another part that causes expensive repair. A small bumper repair may cost you between $500 and $1,500 including scratches and dings. For complete bumper repair, you may have to spend about $5,000 because it requires various repairs involving frame and support repairing.


The car frame provides it the structural support. If it is damaged it will no longer support the car. A few scratches and dent in the car may cost you about $600 to $1,000. It will cost more if you need auto detailing and frame painting.

In the worst accident, it can cost about $10, 000. The price gets higher depending upon how important the frame is. It can collapse or cave in on the road. To make it road-safe again requires a lot of work to go into.


The car suspension can easily break. One bad drive over the pothole can damage it. Unfortunately, car suspension can be quite expensive. It usually depends on how badly it is damaged.

In some cases, it just cost around $300 for repairs. That depends on the amount it takes to fix the damaged suspension because of the pothole. Replacement of the total suspension costs you around $5, 000. You may spend a close amount even if you attempt to do repairing suspension yourself.

Air Bags

Airbags need to be replaced if they are deployed in the collision. Depending on some models, airbags and sensors cost about $6,000 to replace.


The hood may scrunch in the crash and it becomes impossible to shut it. It cost $1,000 or more to replace the hood. On top of that, you also have to pay for the paint cost.


Fenders are the fiberglass or metal sections around the car wheels. They usually get damaged when the car is hit by the side-impact. You can expect an average cost of up to $700 on repairing fender and it gets double when painting and labor price is added.


The trunk won’t latch if its lid is damaged. Just the door costs under $1,000 when painted and installed, but lights also are considered. Lights need to be hooked up and have to make sure that wiring and everything else is working properly.

Rims and Tires

Rims and tires may get bent or punctured in the crash. The prices of new rims and tires may vary. Also, their size dictates the cost. On just one rime and tire, it may cost around hundreds.


Doors may get a dent or bend in side crashes. Severe damage keeps the door from closing. Minor scratches and dents can be repaired costing a few hundred dollars. Depending on the car model, door replacement requires a couple of thousand dollars.

Are you Offered A Fair Settlement Amount?

It is not possible to prevent every accident. In the United States, there were 6.452 million vehicle crashes in 2017. Out of these crashes, 4.5million caused damage to the vehicles and another 1.889 million caused personal injuries.

A decade ago, in 2010, the Department of Transportation of United States took a deep look at the vehicle accident cost. In those motor vehicle crashes, $242 billion costs were estimated in just property damage.

And today, these accidents cost more as the vehicles are now equipped with a more advanced and expensive body, engine, and other technical systems. The estimated cost of an average number of yearly crashes is around $129,570. If it was not your fault in the accident then you deserve compensation amount to repair your vehicle.

Depending on the law of your state, you will file a claim either with your or another driver’s insurance company. This will start the rolling process. Once you get the settlement offer, call the San Francisco car accident lawyer because the compensation you were offered may not be ideal.

Your expense on car damage may be more than you expected. When a lawyer is at your side you will feel more confident that you are getting a reasonable and fair amount of compensation.

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