Everything you need to know before getting a tattoo

    Before getting a permanent tattoo, it is important to educate yourself on the subject. Here are our tips and advice for this important and decisive moment (because yes, it is for life!) Remains etched in your memory, in addition to your skin.

    Tattoo is a Tahitian word which means “drawing of the mind”. A word that intimates you not to rush and get a tattoo on the spur of the moment!

    Before taking action, read our tips and advice to live this unforgettable moment as serenely as possible.

    Why get a tattoo?

    What pattern do you want to wear? Do not hesitate to draw your tattoo yourself (no one will judge your drawing, not everyone is called Michelangelo) or find examples on the Internet, in a book or tattoos of stars…

    honey bee tattoo

    The goal?

    ?Clearly express your desire to your tattoo artist who will modify the design at your convenience to make it truly unique. Like a honey bee tattoo, some letters or some other things.

    The days preceding your appointment: physical and mental preparation

    Prepare yourself mentally:

    A tattoo is an important step, you have to be aware of it. But it should also remain a happy memory, so try to de-stress as much as possible!

    Prepare physically:

     There are food supplements that prepare you the best. Homeopathy, zinc or vitamin C treatment, talk to your doctor who will refer you to the ideal gentle solution according to your needs.

    The days leading up to your tattoo appointment, adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet and reduce your alcohol consumption. Avoid medicines that thin the blood (such as aspirin) and remember to hydrate your skin well in the affected area.

    The big day: the right reflexes

    ??Make yourself a real breakfast to avoid hypoglycemia or low blood pressure.

    ???Listen carefully to your tattoo artist to follow his precious advice to the letter and have a loved one accompany you, a 100% effective soothing effect!

    ?? Remember, even if your tattoo is hot (we don’t doubt it), it is first and foremost an open wound that needs to be taken care of.

    ? The healing phase lasts two to three weeks (approximately), during this time your tattoo will peel and scabs may appear. Do not panic, it is not serious and even, quite normal!

    ???Two to four times a day, it is important to cleanse and moisturize your tattoo. It is necessary to use the right products for this:

    ??An antiseptic cleanser that respects the pH of your skin (intimate hygiene soaps are perfect). The top? Whether it contains active ingredients that help healing, such as hemostats or emollients.

    ???A moisturizing and healing cream that helps prevent inflammation.

    ???Apply cream liberally to your tattoo and massage it gently to make it penetrate!


    After having thought about it for a long time, you made an appointment on Saturday. An important step in your adult life which is emancipating itself and in your quest for trendiness. Suddenly, you tell yourself that a drink with the girls on Friday evening to celebrate that is the idea of ??the century. No! Bad idea (again). In order to go there in the best conditions, the day before your appointment with the tattoo artist, remember to regain as much strength as possible. Stay seated on your sofa with a mint verbena and after two episodes of “Homeland”, head to bed.

    You will have plenty of time to be rebellious when you get tattooed. So be well rested so as not to be too sensitive, do not drink alcohol to avoid blood thinning, don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin for the same reasons and eat a big meal to be in good shape. If possible, also avoid making an appointment at the time of your period, the sensitivity is necessarily more acute during this period.


    Above, we recommended that you choose passionate tattoo artists. The big concern, you will tell us, is that avid tattoo artists are not at all packed with the heart that you want to be engraved on your wrist. This is kind of the problem. The most recognized and gifted are also those who chase after big artistic projects and refuse, without scruples, to give you time. Sniff. In another context, some tattoo artists may also say no if asked for a tattoo that does not fit into their ethical codes.


    To the question “are there some more sensitive areas than others?” ?The answer is yes. In general, getting a tattoo is not fun, but there are some parts of the body that more or less tolerate the act. Basically, if you want to start “soft”, avoid places where the skin is thin like the inside of the thighs and arms, the feet, the eyelids (at the same time what idea) and where the nerve endings are numerous like the hands or the groin.


    If, when you were younger, you had the great idea to have your sports teacher’s first name tattooed on your shoulder blade and the simple idea of ??being tortured with a laser to get your tattoo removed plunges you into deep anguish, we have the solution. The recovery. This method consists, neither more nor less, of making a new tattoo to hide the old one. When it’s done very well, the result can be stunning.


    At one time, we heard a lot about temporary tattoos. A tattoo that’s supposed to stay on the skin for about six months before disappearing. Possible? No. In fact, this is a normal tattoo that is not deeply pitted. The pigments therefore end up attenuating but never really disappear. Basically, we end up with an in-between result, neither done nor to be done, something ugly what. If you are ever unsure of yourself, indulge yourself in the market on vacation with a henna tattoo (if you really care), or better yet, opt for temporary tattoos.

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