Everything You Need to Know About Powder Brows in Seattle

powder brows in Seattle

Permanent makeup techniques have become very popular recently. Solutions like microblading, lip blushing, permanent eyeliner, etc, let people look put-together without having to go through an entire makeup routine. Powder brows is one of the newer permanent makeup treatments available today and they have become a great alternative to microblading. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about powder brows in Seattle:

What are Powder Brows?

The powder brows technique is different from microblading and delivers bold, filled in brows. There are several distinct differences between powder brows and microblading that can help you determine which treatment is suitable for you. 

The primary difference is the application technique. During microblading, an artist uses a blade-like instrument to create strokes that resemble natural hair. They then add pigment to the strokes, which sinks into the topmost layer of the client’s skin. 

Powder brows technician uses an electrified machine with an instrument that applies the pigment with a needle on the end no different than what a tattoo artist uses. Instead of creating hair-like strokes, the technician injects pigment in small dots, which saturate the shape of the brow. The pigment penetrates the uppermost layers of your skin and settles after the skin heals. Unlike microblading, there are no individual tattooed hair strokes with traditional Powder Brows. 

Difference in Appearance

Microbladed brows look defined, sharp, and natural. It is difficult to tell the difference between microbladed hairs and natural eyebrow hairs when it is performed correctly. If you want a subtle and defined look, microblading is the best technique for you.

Powder brow gives you a bolder and denser brow. Instead of adding hair like strokes, the technician will fill in the sparse areas with dots. The result looks similar to brows filled in with pomades or pencils. This is an ideal treatment for people who like thick and bolder eyebrows. 

Ombre Powder Brow

The Ombre powder brow is ideal for people who like the fullness of a powder brow but want a more natural result. The technique usually involves adding lighter pigment at the front (head) of the brows and gradually shifting to a darker pigment towards the tail, creating and ombre effect.

This gives a more natural effect while still ensuring you have a bold brow.

Who is It For?

Powder brows are suitable for people with oily skin, mature skin, and large pores. Microblading isn’t a suitable technique for such individuals because their skin heals differently, and often the pigment won’t last.

Microblading only looks good if the hair-like strokes remain crisp and straight. Unfortunately, the edges of these strokes can become blurry during the healing period. The results are mushy and less-defined eyebrows. 

Powder brows are different because there’s no need to maintain any crisp lines. If the edges of the dots become blurry during healing, you won’t be able to tell the difference. 

If you want bold and filled-in brows, powdered brow technique is a good choice. 

How Long Do Powder Brows in Seattle Last?

This depends on your skin type and maintenance after your treatment. If you follow proper after care instructions immediately following your treatment, properly applied Powder Brows should last for one and a half to two years. Sometimes, they can last for longer, but likely during that time will require a touch up appointment.

Regular touch-ups ensure the pigment doesn’t fade too much and the brows continue to look defined. In some cases, powder brows in Seattle last longer than traditional microblading.

How Long Does It Take?

Powder brows application doesn’t take a lot of time. The artist will spend some time on creating an outline and discussing it with the client. Once that is done, they will proceed with the application.

Powder brows application typically takes about an hour or two, depending on the skill and speed of the brow artist. 

If you want to know more about powder brows in Seattle, visit your nearest studio. Most professionals will answer your questions and provide straight forward advice on the procedure. 

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