Why Smart & Secure Supply Chain Solutions are Essential for EV Manufacturers?

    secure supply chain solutions

    With the inclusion of the Electric Vehicles Ecosystem (EVE), the automobile industry is at the stage where innovations have been kickstarted and it stands right in the middle of it. In fact, with the Blockchain Technology at its exposure, EVE has started pushing the boundaries of the innovations for unique solutions with an aim to reinvent each sphere for futuristic utilization.

    Today, this digital era demands a new-age Blockchain solution that will integrate the EV Manufacturers with the corresponding supply-chain including manufacturing, showrooms/dealers, battery manufacturers, battery swapping stations, battery swapping companies, service centres, insurance companies and the owners/drivers of EV. Additionally, there is also a demand for a platform for setting up of EV Charging Infrastructure businesses and charging stations. 

    Blockchain-based EV Solution

    There is a dire need for a platform that will deliver intelligent and real-time supply chain by the connection of EV Manufacturers to the respective supply chain partners. For this, a Blockchain-based Supply Chain Solution (BSCS) is needed for transforming processes digitally from planning to delivery for the enterprise on that blockchain platform.

    BSCS ensures optimization of every facet of the manufacturers? processes that include 

    1. Inventory Management
    2. Order Processing, 
    3. Warranty Management, 
    4. Service centers, 
    5. Logistics, 
    6. Delivery, 
    7. Insurance partners, 
    8. Financials, 
    9. Contracts and Agreements. 

    With this, manufacturers are able to receive the entire benefit cycle through the Blockchain-based EV Solution Supply chain Planning, Inventory, Management and many more provisioning end-to-end supply chain visibilities for manufacturers. 

    How is this possible? This is indeed possible with BSCS on a real-time decentralized immutable platform.

    Demand & Supply Chain Provisions

    The Blockchain-based EV Solution has enabled EV manufacturing to become more profitable. It reduces the complexities of processes, manufacturing of budgets and human labor cost. Due to this complicated system, it will ensure that fewer people are required for it to work effectively.

    BSCS has been established on the basic concept of smooth EV Supply Chain Solution enabling the expansion of the global EV market and improving stakeholders? profits. Through this, you are guaranteed a complete suite of solutions as a chain made of independent links providing combined profitability. This will ensure the maintenance of remarkable customer service, with the provision of effective yet innovative methods for managing inventory, improvement of productivity and reduction of lead times. 

    Complete EV Supply Chain Solution?s Impact

    You might think what this Blockchain-based Supply Chain Solution truly offers to positively impact the EV Ecosystem. Let?s look at those factors:

    1. Managing Assets

    With EV manufacturers acknowledging the unique requirements that are arising with the greater demands, the management of assets becomes a priority. For this, BSCS provides a comprehensive merging of upcoming technologies for proactive business processes? management throughout the supply chain. This allows the EV manufacturers, service centers and dealers to manage and effectively coordinate their stock (vehicles, batteries, spares) based on EVE onto a single decentralized platform.

    1. Traceability of Component

    How your electric vehicle performs, is directly proportional to the performance of your battery packs. This is the core reason why it is essential for EV manufacturers to keep a track of battery lifecycle and the corresponding supply chain. Through the blockchain technology, updates from multiple supply chain partners on the single decentralized platform is received in real-time throughout the life cycle of the battery and EV. 

    Tracking and tracing of the battery have enabled the gaining of trust of the entire EV Ecosystem along with providing essential security throughout its travel. Battery charging or swapping will enable the record creation that will be available in real-time providing better safety to the components. 

    1. Dealer Managing

    It enables dealers and showroom owners to verify the authenticity of EV and Battery through the Blockchain-based Supply Chain platform. Dealer has the power to accept or reject the inventory based on the observation and report from BSCS platform. This will ensure that only authenticated inventory is accepted for the safety of the end-user. 

    Along with this, warranty and services can also be managed to inculcate customer loyalty deeper into the EV Supply Chain through the EV Supply Chain Solution. Not to forget, the end-users or customers are given the facility to keep a track through an app regarding battery and EV details and status reports. 

    Finally, with the Blockchain Technology coming out as an emerging innovation, it?s essentially enabling the security and profitability in the supply chain for EV manufacturers.?


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