The Essential Tools for Online Gamers

    Tools for Online Gamers

    The gaming industry is growing in leaps and bounds due to easy access to the internet across the world, and the availability of free-to-play games. In fact, it?s estimated that by 2025, the industry will have grown by over $300 billion

    Playing video games has its perks: it improves users? ability to multitask, reduces depression, improves decision-making, enhances vision and yes, it?s fun. Online games can be played on a gaming console, laptop, computer, and even a smartphone or tablet. 

    However, other than a gaming device, there is a wide selection of apps that you can use to create a safer, smoother, and more exciting gaming experience. Let?s look at some of the must-have online gaming tools.

    System Mechanic

    This handy tool automatically increases the speed and accessibility of computing resources like CPU, HDD, and RAM when you introduce high-demand gaming programs on your PC. This app can also spot and halt bloatware and other unwanted programs that launch without you knowing.

    If you are looking for a tool that can clean all kinds of unseen junk files and help declutter your system to give way to valuable disk space, consider downloading the System Mechanic app.


    Since most of the games that you will be playing require an internet connection, it?s good to note that the internet is not entirely safe as it is full of malicious threat actors like advertisers, snoopers, and hackers. If you don?t protect yourself while on the internet, then you are bound to encounter these threats. 

    A VPN will help you solve this issue and enjoy a more secure gaming experience. But, those are not the only reasons why you should download a VPN for your gaming experience. A VPN does more for a gamer including:

    Reduced ping times: The response time between your gadget and the gaming server largely depend on the interval between the two. A VPN can help minimize ping and lag times by enabling you to connect to a server that is in the same area as the gaming server.

    Prevent ISP throttling: Most ISPs employ the data throttling technique to users with unlimited data, which often leads to irritatingly slow internet speeds. A VPN helps you avoid data throttling by encrypting your internet traffic, completely keeping your ISP from monitoring and eventually slowing down your internet connection.

    Easy access to exclusive games: Gaming platforms often avail exclusive games to gamers in certain regions. If you come across those exclusive games that you can?t play because of where you are, you can use a VPN to go around these restrictions. 


    Multiple monitor systems help enhance the usability of your gaming device. With multiple monitor systems, you can have your game on the major screen and have associated gaming apps or settings on another. This way, you can play the game as you change the settings simultaneously with ease. 

    The problem, however, is that using multiple monitors can be taxing on your system. UltraMon is a Microsoft Windows free utility program that can help improve productivity and enhance your gaming performance in a multi-monitor set up.


    Online gaming is a resource-intensive activity that may take a toll on your PC. You need something that can regularly clean your machine and optimize its performance. CCleaner comes with over 2.5 billion downloads and allows you to create automated backups, fix registry issues, perform PC maintenance tasks, and manage all applications among other things. CCleaner can also check vital PC information such as OS activation status and memory details.

    If you want to have a remarkable gaming experience, it?s important to ensure that your gaming device is working optimally. The above tools will help you enjoy your gaming experience, beat your opponents faster, and have fun playing while being anonymous and private online.

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