5 Top EMR OR EHR For Your Private Practice

EHR Software

What is an EHR Software 

An EHR software is basically used to not only store patient medical records as the name suggests being ��electronic health records� but also helps you manage your medical practice. From allowing you to manage patient records to helping with billing. These days EHR software can do it all. In this piece, we will explore various EHR software which are great choices for any private practice. From Practice Fusion to Clinicient EMR, we will give you a variety of options you can explore and choose from. In this piece, we will tell you about what top features according to users and experts are present in these software that might encourage you to invest in it. 

If you are interested in learning more then please keep reading as we will get into the details for several top EHR software available in the market today! From Clinicient EMR to Kareo EHR; we will tell you about them all. 

Five EHR for Small Practices 

Practice Fusion 

The patient scheduling feature in Practice Fusion is great. It helps you to optimize your daily schedule in a way that helps you increase revenue since you are able to fit in more patients in a day. This helps you grow your practice as well which is a goal for most private practices in general as well. 

The charting feature is also wonderful in Practice Fusion, it helps you reduce the time it previously took you to make patient notes. This means you are able to get done with patient appointments much sooner than before which again helps you fit in more appointments and more patients per day! All in all Practice Fusion is a great EHR software option for fusing all the aspects of running a medical practice together. 


Kareo EHR is the next software in our list which we have included because of its billing feature among other features. The billing feature in Kareo is incredibly robust and eases your billing concerns! The feature automates most aspects related to billing so that there is a drastic reduction in the number of errors which helps you not only get bills reimbursed more often but also helps you get them reimbursed much faster as well. 

The software also has a lot of options for you to choose from in terms of templates. This means you should be able to choose a template which suits your needs and then even further customize the template so that it can suit your needs even better! 


PrognoCIS is another great software we want to recommend to a private practice owner. This software has an interoperability feature which is helpful for a lot of users. The feature helps you to gain access to more information and data when it comes to making a diagnosis. You have stats and data available to further aid you in making a clinical decision and if you are a small private practice, you could probably use all the help you can get. The interoperability feature helps you to get the data from other health care experts in the field. 

The software also has great practice management features which help you to manage various areas of your medical practice. From helping you to schedule patient appointments to enabling you to streamline your claims filing process; this software can do it all! 


ChartLogic is another great software included in our list. This software has a great patient summary feature. The feature summarizes pertinent points for any case that you might have so that when a patient comes in for their appointment, you are able to know the main facts for their condition and thus can make a clinical decision much quicker as well instead of having to read through pages of notes to do so. 

The e-prescription feature in ChartLogic also makes it very convenient for you to be able to make prescriptions. Instead of having your patients come to see you, you are able to send their prescription to the pharmacy directly so that they can pick it up! 


The final software on our list is Clinicient EMR, this software is a wonderful option and very well reviewed by users as well. The integrated billing feature in Clinicient EMR helps you to make billing simpler. The feature alerts both you and your patient about uncleared dues so that you can be on top of all the unpaid bills and improve the cash flow for your medical practice as well!

The software also has an internal communications feature which allows for streamlined communication between you and your staff. This feature helps you to make accounts for everyone in your practice so that you can have everyone internally communicate with one another. All in all, this feature allows you to make things at your practice much better in terms of tasks being performed on time and by the focal person. And it also makes following up on tasks easier. These features and more make Clinicient EMR a great choice. 

Which EHR Should you Invest in

Now that we have told you about various EHR that are great options for you, you are probably wondering which one you should invest in. We recommend that you choose whichever software you think will yield the best results for your practice. This means choosing a software that has features that match your particular set of needs. 

We are sure whether you pick Clinicient EMR or Practice Fusion EHR, you will have made the right choice for your practice! We wish you luck in choosing the right EHR for your needs.


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