The Advantages of Employee Tracking Software for Tour Businesses

employee tracking software

After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, tour businesses started to boom. This has been due to the flood reopening of tourist attractions and city borders to travelers from around the world. Thus, people started touring more than normal. 

This is continuing to rise even in the present, which is a good sign, if you are running a tours and travel business. However, managing the sheer no of customers, drivers, and employees in today’s fast-paced and advanced technological world can be overwhelming. Furthermore, who knows, if you have insider threats or timepass employees? Your employee tracking software knows beyond that.  

What is Employee Tracking Software?

Software for tracking employees commonly known as employee monitoring software is what various organizations across the different sectors use. For what? You ask. Monitoring employees for focus, efficiency, productivity, and performance levels. 

This helps managers keep tabs on employees and make data-driven decisions for growth and success. What we like about the software is the plethora of practical and intuitive features, which include.

  • URL, app, and file tracking for detailed reporting.
  • Real-time tracking for optimizing on-the-spot decision-making, whenever required.
  • Automated timesheets and task timers for increasing focus and streamlining workflow.
  • Project management features for tasking, sub-tasking, and checklisting. This ensures timely project completion.

However, how can such tools benefit your touring business? What are the key features you need?       

Choosing Employee Tracking Software for Touring Business

Software solutions for monitoring employees provide a plethora of features. These functionalities are practical and useful across many industries. However, not all of them are the best-fit solution for your travel business. Thus, here we shortlisted the key features you need and how to choose an employee tracking application.

Check the Features

The first thing you will check is the features when choosing any tool, employee tracking software included. However, here, we recommend picking quality over quantity. Since we are discussing touring businesses here, you need to choose a solution with the best on-field and remote employee monitoring features. 

Check the Price

As we mentioned before, the touring business is booming, so this should be all right for you. However, we still recommend doing a cost vs budget analysis. This ensures that you don’t spend too much and then receive a minimum return on investment, we don’t want that to happen to you.

View the Genuine Reviews

What better way to know how useful your employee tracking software solution is than to ask the ones who are using it? Maybe your competitors or customers who own businesses that require such tools. This will let you shortlist the best options for your business. 

Get a Free Demo

Most employee tracking tools provide free demos and trials. Using this opportunity will let you conclude, whether your chosen software only claims to be the best or it is. So, overall, the idea is to get the most competitive advantages.

So, how can employee tracking software benefit your touring organization?     

Benefits of Employee Tracking Software for Tour Businesses

So far we discussed what it is and the key features of employee tracking software. Next up, the practical advantages you will get from using specific features of the software. Let’s get an insider look below.

Location Tracking of Drivers

What your customers need are drivers who are accountable and can be trusted. With the location tracking feature, you will get the live location of your drivers. Identify whether they are at the right place, how much time they are taking to travel around, and much more. 

Work Hours Monitoring of Drivers

In simple words, this is how much are your cabbies working vs the work hours they reported. The software will track the work hours of your drivers and generate work-time utilization reports. Overall, we recommend using this feature to identify the best ones for your agency.    

Real-Time Monitoring of Other Employees

Sure, cabbies are important for your business. However, there are other employees in your business as well including accountants, managers, cashiers, and administrators. Thus, streamlining their workflow is also essential. Using the real-time monitoring feature has greatly helped us here and you get the idea.  

Call Logging for Accurate Response to Customers

Your customers are the ones whom you need to satisfy the most. The ones who will satisfy them are employees who receive calls for tour requests and other inquiries. Tracking call logs lets you identify how attentive these employees are and make decisions for optimizing client response.

Immediately Catch Timepass Employees

The ones who can do more damage to your tour agency than your competitors are timepass employees and insider threats. However, if you are using good employee tracking software, then catching them becomes simple thanks to alerts and notifications on suspicious user behavior.   

Track Attendance and Earn More Customers

The software not only tracks attendance but also employee work hours, and availability, and can be used to schedule drivers and other required service providers. Overall, you will get more customers, when word of mouth gets out that your tour agency is always ready to serve. 


With that, we conclude why employee tracking software is best for touring businesses. To summarize employee time-tracking software is the requirement and most-used solution by organizations these days. The purpose is to track the focus, efficiency, productivity, and performance of their employees to make growth-driving decisions. For touring agencies, using such software can prove useful for earning more and more customers since it is booming after the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, knowing how to choose the best employee tracking tool such as DeskTrack can help tour businesses track driver location, work hours, and other benefits, which prove useful for long-term success.


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