How to Elevate Your Brand with Custom Business Folders?

custom business folder

Handing a target customer your presentation folder will leave a lasting impression. It makes you appear prepared and professional. A well-designed presentation folder can elevate your brand and help gain the confidence of customers. 

However, you need to make sure you are printing a custom business folder that leaves a lasting impression. Here’s how you can do that. 

  1. Keep It Simple

Personalized folders can be stored and used for more than their designated purpose. Minimalist design for your customized folders goes a long way. Both sides of the folder should not contain more than the logo and the name of the brand. The design has to be classy and simple at the same time. 

  1. Match the Design to the Documents to be Added Inside

Consider the contents of the folder before you start designing it. Make sure that the printed presentation folder is a tad larger than the documents inside.  Matching the documents to the custom presentation folders can make your brand shine. What goes into the presentation folder will change with time as the company scales. 

  1. Take Stock

The design of the customized folder is just half the job. In case you are choosing the wrong stock for your folder, you run the risk of spoiling the design. This, in turn, will leave you with something embarrassing to hand over to the clients. Folders have to be durable as it will help them fight through the rush hour commutes and postal service and still arrive intact. 

Make sure you are using a heavier card stock for the presentation folder to ascertain its survival. The folder has to be strong enough to hold what’s inside. Dark colors are not only an attractive choice but also can keep your folders from getting grubby. Choose laminated finishes since they can protect your presentation booklet printing against water. Also, it will make the folder more durable. 

Keep in mind that laminated folders can scuff and scratch if you don’t store them right. 

  1. Avoid Using Stock Photos

Realistically, your potential audience will show less interest if you are only using photos that you took on your Smartphone. To increase customer confidence through design, choose authentic photos. This can be photos of the founders, employees, or the services and products you offer. 

  1. Do Not Add Too Much Information

Many design folders include enough information about your service or product to intrigue your target customers. 

Small bits of details will not clutter up the design of the folder. In case you are designing a letter-sized pocket folder, fillup the back cover with text. You might want to share your story with them, but it is better to save it for flyers or brochures. 

Minimalism is a popular trend and makes the folder more intriguing. Less stuff in the customized folder design will give customers more time to think about the message. Leave white space around your logo. If you leave white space around your informational bits will allow the users to focus more intently on the message. 

  1. Choose the Colors You Want to Use for the Brand

If you are printing a business folder for your dentistry clinic and you have chosen a color palette that centers around blue color, it will work well. However, using gold and purple will make it stand out. 

There is no governing body to say that you should abide by what is standard or popular in your niche. But there is proof that color can impact consumer buying habits and their emotions. 

Whether you are trying to grow your start-up firm or launch a new product, using an attractive folder is an incredible route to make your way into the minds of the customers. 


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