Element of A Good Roofing Installation Project

professional roofing contractors

There are so many elements you have to put into consideration before a roof installation project. These elements will decide the longevity of the roof. In this article, we will take a look into the elements of a good roofing installation project. If you are a homeowner or planning to build your own house soon, put these elements into your roofing plan and make your roof last for a long time.

Ensure the Roof is Installed According to the Manufacturer?s Guideline

There are so many roofs out there that are not installed according to the manufacturer?s instruction. Different manufacturers have their customized recommendations and requirements for installation that can never be overlooked. Two important details you have to note are the layout of the shingles and how they are being nailed. Shingles are not waterproof, they only deflect water to the edge and off the roof.

professional roofing contractors

So the ability of the roofing contractor to lay these shingles correctly and nailing them at the right spots is vital. Several manufacturers have instructions about how to install leak barriers, step flashings, drip edges, and vents. Monitor your roofing project to make sure the contractor and his workmen are following the manufacturer?s guidelines for roofing installation. If the roofing is installed wrongly, it could void future warranty claim on the whole roofing system. 

Change Every Roof Installation Accessories and Component

If the old roof you are about to replace is having some component such as skylights, then it is time to change them. It is less expensive to change these components when you are doing a full roof replacement, than when changing them later after the installation. Other important components that need to be changed include a rusted exhaust vent for the water heater, bad siding, masonry work on the chimney, bathroom or kitchen vent, roof dryer vent, or HVAC system. 

Confirm Registered Warranty

By this time, the roofing installation must have been completed and you have paid your contractor. The next thing is to ensure that your contractor document the new roofing system warranty is securely registered with the manufacturer. This will cover for the homeowner if the shingles become defective after installation.

Some professional roofing contractors go as far as issuing an upgrade warranty. Such kind of warranty is expensive, and the contractor needs to be certified and reached a particular level with the manufacturer before offering these types of warranties. Whatever the case may be, ensure to get a workmanship warranty from your roofer immediately the project is complete. This covers replacing and repairing any issue related to leak due to errors during installation.


These are the elements of a good roofing installation. Notice them and make sure you always stick to the roofing guidelines for all of your roofing projects. Don?t allow anyone to take you through shortcuts. It will only lead to more risks, and you may be exposing the lives of those staying under your roof to danger. Choose a certified and well-trained roofing contractor and every other thing will fall in place.

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