Eight Digital Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Sales in 2021

Eight Digital Marketing Tactics to Boost Sales

Digital marketing has seen a lot of changes in the past decade and with the starting of a new decade, the chances of expansion of this field has only increased. It has witnessed a vast development. The number of people entering the digital marketing industry has also risen and now more people are familiar with it. The new decade has bought new possibilities in this sector as well as increased the competition.

Let us look at the digital marketing tactics that you must follow in 2021 to ace up your competition.

Social Ads

You can advertise on social media websites to get more customers. You will be able to attract more people who can turn out to be your potential customers. Running ads on social media websites like LinkedIn and Twitter will help you in collecting more authentic and reliable data, which helps in better lead generation. The ads should be short, creative and crisp, while conveying the message clearly. You must not forget to link the ads with the target page. The digital marketing company in India optimize and design ads in such a way that it grabs the attention of many people.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has been an important development in the last decade and the trend will continue this year as well. This marketing tactic attracts the highest number of users. You can switch to live videos to increase your interaction with the users and increase engagement. You should also optimize the videos that you have published on Instagram or YouTube by using the trending keywords and relevant hashtags. Your content should be different so that you can compete and win against your competitors.

Use Local Service Ads

These are pay-per-lead ads, which are similar to Google Ads. In local service ads, there is no need to pay for the click, but instead, you need to pay for the leads. You can set a weekly budget based on the number of leads you expect in the week. It is a good option for big brands to expand their business. The best digital marketing services in India have also shifted their focus towards local service ads.


If you have worked with some big companies or on multiple assignments, then you must post those testimonials on your social media page. Always ask for reviews from your clients and then post them. With these testimonials, prospective customers get to trust your services.

Story Update

Whether it is about any upcoming event or any update related to digital marketing, you must keep your followers notified about recent advancements. This will increase your user engagement on social media and also for your business.


Not all the content that we see gets a high number of likes, views and shares. The content must be written in such a way that it receives high viewership. It should focus on the current requirements as well as the requirements that the customers might face in long run. The content you post should have good infographics, correct information, and relevant hashtags to seek the right audiences.


The year 2020 witnessed a lot more webinars than before. You must keep the trend running and organize webinars on different topics related to digital marketing. You can also invite guests who are related to that field. Before hosting a webinar, you need to research the trending topics and then search for the right guests. It requires two to three weeks before the webinar. You can design emails and ads related to the webinar.

Improve Email Strategy

Email engagement has increased over the years. The number of marketers involving email tactics has allowed them to gain more customers. In small businesses, email marketing has the maximum and highest Return on Investment (ROI). The email should not be lengthy and must have all the relevant points within limited words. A digital marketing company in Mumbai, Delhi or any other big city has targeted email marketing as a part of their strategy.

In a nutshell, digital marketing is broad and involves a lot of aspects. It has been growing and covering various platforms. The above-listed tactics can definitely up your game in the year 2021.


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