Eight different types of plywood to select from


A lot of construction requires the use of plywood, and selecting the right one can be a difficult task, especially when you have nine different types of materials to select from. If you want to buy from the best plywood factory in Yamuna Nagar, you should have an idea about what you want. We have mentioned a detailed study that will help you select the best plywood in the market according to your purpose.

What is plywood?

Plywood is not made of the actual wood you see on the trees; it is an artificial product created with the help of different layers combined together. The layers are combined with the help of an adhesive which is not what we use but a more robust product that doesn’t let the layers come out.

The word ‘ply’ in plywood stands for the number of layers present in one board, and this exactly how one can differentiate between various types of plywood available in the market. The more the ply, the more-thick the board will be. You can also take help from the best plywood factory in Yamuna Nagar if you feel you have any confusions later.

  • l 3 Ply

This is the most usual type of plywood, and consists of three layers joined together. When we say three-layer, that means this type is not much thick compared to others. A lot of people prefer it use indoors rather than outdoors.

  • l 5 Ply

By the name, you must have figured out that this type consists of five layers combined together. Using five-layer plywood will give you more durability and strength in the structure you are building.

  • l Multi Ply

If you have been looking for a type of plywood suitable for exterior decoration, this is the best one you can select. This type consists of more than five layers and can be best used in places where extreme sturdiness is required. 

Types of plywood

1. Softwood

As the name suggests, this plywood is made up of softwoods like cedar, pinewood, or redwood. You might be guessing the type as the less sturdy one but, it works the opposite way! Plywood made from softwood raw materials are often used in exterior construction areas. It is considered one of the best materials for shelters, temporary flooring, doghouses and shelf building, etc.

2. Hardwood

Like we defined the previous plywood, this type of plywood is created by combining hardwoods like Maplewood, oak wood, walnut wood, birch wood, etc. The type usually consists of 3-7 layers and is glued to be easily used to build furniture, music instruments, sports equipment, and other structures that require a sturdy frame!

3. Aircraft wood

One of the most superior qualities of plywood, is also the strongest and is known as aircraft wood. This type makes use of hardwood like mahogany or birch to create super-strong plywood. The layers of the plywood are thin in nature, but when combined with multiple layers, it makes it light as well as strong in nature. Want to know the best part about it? It can resist heat and moisture.

4. Exterior plywood

If you are looking for wood to make furniture or want to get some woodwork done outside your home, this is the perfect choice for construction. The ply of this wood is combined with a strong adhesive that is weather and water-resistant. So, no matter how wet your furniture is, the bond won’t come out.

5. Lumber core

Lumber core is another type of plywood that combines both thick and thin ply together. It has three layers of both types, respectively. The thin one is made up of hardwood, and the thick one is a combination of strips of wood that forms a thick slab.

6. Marine plywood

Marine plywood uses a similar type of wood as other ply but uses an adhesive that is water-resistant in nature. If you are looking for high-grade plywood for long-lasting effects, then this is the one you should choose!

7. Overlaid plywood

Overlaid plywood can be made of both thick and thin plywood, respectively, but, when combined, the outer layer of the plywood has a well-finished touch and can be used to decorate the interiors of your home. These exterior surfaces are carved in a well-finished manner with the help of heat and pressure applied together.

8. Structural plywood

This type of wood is not known for its look but for its durability and robust nature.

So, if you are in the mood to build some wood-based structures, this is the type of wood you should prefer. It’s best to use them for interior structures as they are not water-resistant.

The list does not end here; there are multiple other types but not as common as the above. By now, we are sure you must have figured out what you need depending on the thickness, number of plies, and the type of work you want to achieve. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the best stores available in the market and start shopping today!

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