2 Month Effective Strategy To Clear UPSC Mains

UPSC Mains

UPSC is one of the most prestigious entrance exams conducted in the country. A parameter to judge the knowledge and common of the applicants who may become future administrators, the exam covers the knowledge of all spheres.? We have many successful examples from the IAS academy where students have cleared this examination with excellent marks.?

Smart answering strategies, excellent hold on subjects, and outstanding general knowledge are the key factors that can lead to success in UPSC mains. The exams are approaching soon. Ideally, you just have two months in hand for your UPSC mains. Here is a crisp guide for you to sail through.

Here is a 2 Month Effective Strategy to Clear UPSC Mains:

You can do it ? Firstly, let the feeling sink in that you can do it. Frankly speaking, UPSC is not going to be easy, but with smart work and determination, you can achieve your desired rank. Maintain a distance from the people who discourage you from your efforts.

Prepare a Time-Table ? Prepare a study timetable that will cover all the subjects daily. Allocate more time for difficult chapters and vice-versa. Make sure you do not skip any chapter or subject assuming it is unimportant. Connect with your mentors to prepare the most productive time-table.

Time Management ? With just two months in hand, it is crucial managing your time effectively. Writing practice, reading newspapers, studying books are all the things you have to manage along with your UPSC mains syllabus. Make sure you take some time out for sleeping, exercising, entertainment, and healthy eating as well.

Mock Tests ? Mock tests tend to become more crucial during this time. Practice mock tests, as much as you can. This will refine your writing skills, time management skills, analytical skills, and will build confidence. It will also help you get acquainted with the tone of the examination and allows you to strategies accordingly.

Set Target ? Targets help us stay focused and concentrated. Any ignorance and leniency can cost you high in the future. Try to cover at least 100-200 questions every day to enrich your knowledge. It is a quick way to memorise and learn even the most difficult chapters.

Storytelling is the Key ? Are you finding difficulty in remembering the answers to complicated questions? Create a story and incorporate all the points in it. This strategy will help you in remembering all the relevant points during the UPSC main exam.

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These were some effective strategies to clear IAS mains in two months. Make sure you keep participating in group discussions and other academic events. It will widen your horizon and understanding of the various Indian economic systems. Good luck!

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