Mistakes You Need To Avoid With EDDM Postcard Marketing

Direct mail postcards can grab attention but what do you do with that? You just have around three seconds before your potential customers put down the direct mail. Hence, you need to make those seconds count. 

So, here are a few mistakes you need to avoid if you are choosing EDDM postcard printing for your marketing campaign.?

1. Having No Defined Goals

Make sure you start with the basics and find out what is going to make your campaign successful. Is it going to be a better name recall, more walk-in traffic, or a big turnout event? Decide on the goals and be honest with how you want to measure success. When you have your goals set, measure how close you have gotten to them. 

  • Choose one goal per campaign
  • The goal you are setting should be easy to complete
  • Know how to track it 

2. Choosing the Wrong Audience for the Campaign

Often, people forget about their audience when they launch the EDDM campaign. Not everyone follows targeting as their strategy. It is nothing but lazy. EDDM postcards don?t work for all. Hence, you have to use it intelligently. You have to research your market, analyze the data, and create segments, which join together to give you your audience. Make sure you customize your message correctly. 

Timing is also important. The right audience can become the wrong audience if you choose the wrong time. Get the timing down, find out when the mailer is going to arrive, and time with your area?s events. 

3. Including Direct Mail without a Call to Action

Often an EDDM campaign fails because there is no clear call to action. Your EDDM postcards should contain one effective call to action. It has to be bold, enormous, and easy for your audience to complete. 

Even if your prospect puts down the mail, they should remember it even days later. This is how EDDM works. If the call to action is easy to remember, you can get them to take action. 

Here are a few tips you can follow-

  • Add a serious call to action
  • Include bold and bright colors. Research has shown that people tend to remember colors, such as orange and red better than others. 
  • Personalize the call to action by using QR codes or a personalized URL or image. 

4. Focusing Only On the Features

No one wants to know who and how you got where you are today. Your audience will not be interested in knowing if you are having a good time or if you are on the verge of losing your business. Your customers are interested in what you have to offer and how it can benefit them. So, make sure that your direct mail brochure or postcard is not leading with features. It should lead with value.?

5. Using Them as a Coupon

At times, a direct mail coupon is an excellent idea for your direct mail brochure printing but unless you have a good relationship with the recipient, it can spur the wrong kind of action. 

Surely, you do not want a customer who is just looking to save a dollar. These people will drop you off as soon as they have gotten their discount. Here are a few great ideas that can help you.

  • Send out a sample and then ask them to get the whole product from the store at full price. 
  • Provide a discount when they refer a friend and include all details on the direct mail. 
  • Send a catalog personalized as per the taste of the customer so that they know that the products have been curated only for them. 

6. Not Following Up the Direct Mail

The mistake many make with a marketing campaign is not following up. When you get responses, you have to take action. In case someone is walking into your store, make sure you ask them about your direct mail postcard campaign. If they are filling up forms on your website, send them a thank you note for opening the mailbox. 

So, you have to make sure that you are following up on the direct mail message.

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