3 Easy Ways To Connect A Laptop To A TV

For film lovers, of course, they will not feel fast if they only watch movies on a laptop screen. You will certainly prefer to use a TV that has a wide screen to be able to enjoy your favorite movies. To make it easier for you to watch movies, then you must know how to connect a laptop to a TV.

By connecting your laptop to the TV, you can do activities that require a bigger screen. For example, do a football presentation or show with the closest people. But many people do not know how to properly connect a laptop to a TV. Therefore, let’s look at the following tips for connecting a laptop to a TV.

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1 Using HDMI Cable to Connect to TV

You can be sure that almost all the latest LEDs and LCDs are equipped with HDMI features. The way to connect a laptop device to a TV is quite easy. Here are the steps.


    1. Make sure that Windows on your laptop is up-to-date
    2. If you have confirmed it, then turn on the laptop or TV to be connected
    3. Then the next step is to connect the HDMI cable from the laptop to the HDMI port on your TV.
    4. If so then select the correct HDIN input on your TV, usually you just have to press the AV button.
    5. If your laptop does not automatically turn on the TV, then you have to do the settings manually. The trick is to go to Control panel then select display and adjust resolution. If so, select TV in the display drop down box.

Connecting a laptop to a TV using HDMI will provide the best HD picture quality. How to connect a laptop to a TV is considered more satisfying because HDMI can handle files on a laptop in the form of audio or video.

2 Connecting Laptop to TV with VGA Cable

The next way you can choose to connect your laptop to the TV is to use VGA. This method applies to tube TVs and PC monitors that are not yet equipped with the HDMI feature. In fact, if you use a VGA cable, your laptop will automatically connect to the TV. But if you are still confused, let’s see the following steps.


    1. Turn on your laptop and TV before starting to connect
    2. Then connect the VGA cable from the laptop to the TV via the VGA port on your TV or laptop. Usually the old TV output does not have an HDMI port, so you have to use a VGA port to connect it.
    3. If the picture on your laptop does not immediately appear on the TV automatically, then you have to do manual settings. This can be done by going to the control panel then selecting display and adjusting resolution. Make sure if you select TV in the display drop down box.
    4. VGA cable will not connect sound from laptop to TV. Therefore if you want to connect the sound too, then use an additional audio cable.

3 Connecting Laptop to TV Wirelessly

If you want to connect your laptop to your TV without the help of any cables, then you can rely on Chromecast. By connecting your laptop to your TV using Chromecast, you can connect wirelessly. If you are still confused then you should listen to the following reviews.


    1. Connect the Chromecast cable to the TV’s HDMI port so you can use it according to the location of the HDMI port on your television.
    2. Turn on your TV. If the Vrhomecast installation is already installed then try moving it to the right input. Use the TV remote control to select the appropriate HDMI for the Chromecast you have installed.
    3. If you are using an android or iOS device, then you can do a search on the Google Play store or the App Store. Then install the application to your device.
    4. If it is successful then immediately open it and press Set-up to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
    5. Wait for a few minutes so that your app is properly installed and successfully connected to the Chromecast.


How to connect a laptop to a TV is easy and easy. You can use the help of a more skilled technician so that your laptop can be connected to the TV.

You can choose one of the many ways to connect which would be easy to do. Always make sure that your TV is properly connected so that you can enjoy watching or presenting to the fullest.

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