5 Easy Tips to Master Meditation

Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention on a single point to train the mind and bring about peace. Meditation has been shown to have many benefits, including reducing stress levels and boosting memory. In this article, we will be discussing 5 easy tips to master meditation that can help you get started with this powerful technique and reap all its rewards.

Find a Comfortable Place to Sit

The first step to mastering meditation is finding a very comfortable place in your home where you can be uninterrupted.

This might mean sitting on the floor with pillows, zafu, or a yoga mat, or it could mean taking out an inflatable mattress and laying down for 5 minutes of breathing exercises. You want this space to feel soothing and inviting so that when you sit down to meditate, you can really relax and focus on your breath.

Focus On Your Breathing

The next step is to focus on your breathing. When meditating, it is important to have a clear mind and be at peace with the world around you.

Breathe deeply and slowly while counting 5 5 5.

Listen to the sound of your breath, and ensure that it is even on both sides of your lungs.

Do not force air in or out, just allow it to come naturally. If you need a break from counting 5 5 5, then count slowly from one up to 5 again as many times as needed before coming back to 5 5 5.

The goal is to become more aware of your breathing and stay in the present moment, not thinking about what just happened or worrying about what might happen next.

Find Something External to Focus On While Meditating

When you meditate, find something in your environment to focus on. This can be a specific point of interest that is 5 feet from where you are sitting or it could be an object at least 5′ away. Focusing on this one thing will help keep the mind clear and focused during meditation.

Carry out any tasks before starting your meditation. This includes drinking beverages, brushing teeth, or washing hands and face.

Don’t meditate in the dark! Make sure there is at least a little light – this would be best achieved with candlelight and having relaxation music as your background.

Try Different Meditation Techniques

There are different techniques or types of meditation, so it’s important to try them out and see which type is best for you.

Good meditation techniques can be a good way to take care of your mental state, while also being more productive in other areas of life.

You can try zen meditation which is a very common technique that can be done anywhere and anytime.

If the zen style doesn’t work for you, try out one that does fit your needs instead. There’s this chakra meditation. In chakra meditation, emotional blocks between chakras are cleared and the chakra energy centers are harnessed to increase personal well-being. We all have 7 chakras, one is the third eye symbol/chakra. Each chakra has specific functions in our body. To know more about this, read articles regarding the chakra symbols guide and see for yourself if this technique will help you.

Different techniques have different benefits, and it’s important to try them all out before you decide on one that will work best for your needs.

Meditation is not just good for mental well-being; there are many physical health benefits as well!

Practice Everyday

This is the best tip we could give you. Whether you start 5 minutes every day or commit to 30, it is important that your practice becomes a habit.

You can’t just get up and try for 5 minutes one morning then give up if it doesn’t work out! It’s got to be consistent. If possible, set aside the same time each day. After 5-30 minutes, you’ll be in a regular practice routine.

Practice makes perfect as they say!


Meditation is a broad topic with no shortage of avenues to explore. These 5 easy tips are just the beginning, and we hope you find these tips helpful in starting out or continuing your exploration with meditation!

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