Early Brain Development and Health

As you already understood, despite the role of heredity in developing the nervous system of children, a well-organized environment is much more important. In this section, we would like to pay attention to the main characteristics of a truly developing environment that positively affects the harmonious development of the child’s brain from birth.

?Social environment

The desire to be among other people is inherent in us at the level of instincts, so it is not surprising that a child needs contact with other people for normal development. Our brain has undergone many changes precisely due to the emergence of culture (for example, a person has specially developed frontal lobes, which are responsible for arbitrariness and complex information processing), therefore, for its normal development, a child simply needs to communicate with his kind. A wide range of acquaintances and communication with adults and peers in different conditions stimulate the brain areas responsible for developing speech, self-control, and emotional intelligence.

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Researchers studying the brains of people who were isolated from society in childhood have noted that even as adults, their brains are more responsive to stress, more acutely responsive to criticism, and less amenable to conscious control.

Balanced diet

Parents need to remember one obvious fact: as an organ of the human body, the brain needs a varied and balanced diet. Even an adult brain is highly dependent on the quality of nutrition, and a healthy diet is critical for a child’s brain. We are talking about sufficient vitamins and minerals and a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. At the moment, neurologists are actively studying the effect of various types of diets on the development of the brain of children, but there is already evidence of a link between increased sugar consumption and cognitive impairment in children, as well as the detrimental effect of obesity on the brain of adolescents.

Many parents go to extremes, and instead of a varied diet, they start feeding their children whole handfuls of vitamin and mineral supplements. Remember that any food supplements and medications should only be given to children after consulting a doctor and following test results. A healthy diet that includes vegetables, cereals, herbs, animal and vegetable protein, vegetable and animal fats in moderation, as well as the maximum exclusion of unnatural additives and semi-finished products, is enough for a healthy diet.

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?Physical activity

We have already written that physical activity is critical for children’s health. Try to instill in children a love of movement from the first months of life, use gymnastics for babies, let the baby crawl and touch different objects, introduce him to different surfaces. A little later, feel free to include in the daily routine of physical education, walks in the fresh air, games in children’s towns, dancing, gymnastics, and interesting sports for the baby. Try to be an example for the child, and do not reduce your own physical activity!

?New impressions are a guarantee of health!

We have often written that a fairly rigid daily routine is important for children to feel stable, develop a sense of time, and improve control. However, it is essential to understand that the content of the lessons must change. Use different types of creative materials, visit different playgrounds and parks, visit, invite other families to your place, learn new songs and poems.

New information stimulates the formation of connections in the brain: the more positive and varied experiences a baby has at an early age, the easier it will be for him to cope with new tasks as an adult.

?Avoid traumatic situations

Undoubtedly, difficulties and disappointments are also necessary for a child and positive emotions, but only problems that the baby can solve on his own or with the help of his parents do not traumatize his psyche. Agree, it is one thing to find a baby sobbing because the laces on his shoes do not want to tie themselves, but another thing is to calm down a child who has prematurely faced violence, illness, or lack of family.

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