Eames Ribbed Office Chair – Why This Chair Is Perfect For Your Home & Offices

With a sturdy and durable metal frame and ergonomic, contoured seat, the Eames Ribbed Office Chair is an attractive choice for the modern office or home workspace. Bringing both upscale aesthetics and optimal ergonomic comfort to the workplace or study, this Eames Ribbed Office Chair offers unsurpassed comfort and support for long hours of professional work. The chair is appropriately-named, with its narrow, supportive back and subtle, slender shape ideally suited to contemporary work spaces. Adjustable and hydraulic seat pad offers customized comfort.

The most distinguishing feature about the Eames Ribbed Office Chair is its incredibly low profile that is ideal for smaller and cramped spaces. Its sloping back of seven inches makes it perfect for any room with limited space, or to decorate small rooms. The chair’s thinning mid-section gives the impression of less body and a sleeker, more elegant look and feel. Available in either black or a sleek gray finish, this ergonomic, mod-day design has a suede cloth cover that provides excellent protection from spills and dirt, and a non-skid backing for maximum stability.

A popular choice among the designing world, the Eames Ribbed Office Chair is crafted from the finest top-quality leather available. A close relative of the well-known English designer Sir Edwin Suckling, the Eames brand is named after its designer, who worked in London during the late 1890s. Sir Edwin Suckling died in an accident that also claimed the lives of his assistant and brother-in-law. This accidental death inspired Eames to begin making modern furniture designs inspired by the art and architecture, and the name “Eames” was derived from his first name. Today, the Eames style of chair is often used as a leading edge alternative to more traditional and bulky, contemporary designs.

Eames Ribbed Office Chair

Designed with a low, straight back and seat in a slender style, the Eames Ribbed Office Chair features a high back that tapers down to the lower edge of the seat. A large and attractive cushion, padded on both sides and backed by a thick, stiff fabric piece, the Eames Ribbed Office Chair is comfortable to sit in and easy to use. In addition to being extremely comfortable, the chair has an exceptionally ornamental quality to it, highlighted by its highly polished and textured leather paneling. As a result of its highly polished leather, the Eames Ribbed Office Chair exudes an air of sophistication, class and style.

Offering two models, the Eames Ribbed Office Chair features either black or brown leather. The chair is available in either a matte black finish or a high gloss black finish, creating a look that is classy but contemporary. For a sleek, modernistic appearance, the eames ribbed office chair is also available in white. Unlike most other types of chairs, the base of this chair does not fold over to create a longer rectangular shape when not in use. Instead, the back and seat curve right back on themselves, leaving the entire chair set up as one solid piece of furniture.

The leather on these chairs is both durable and resistant to cracking and fading, making the Eames Ribbed Office Chair a great investment for anyone looking for an all leather, durability in office furniture. The chairs are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, including classic and contemporary designs. These office furniture chairs can be placed in almost any room of your home or office. Because of their unique construction and design, they can even be used as a seating option in a theater or music studio, offering your visitors a comfortable seating solution.

Because the Eames Ribbed Office Chair is so durable and resistant, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an executive office furniture piece. Whether you need an executive office chair for your home, a conference room, or even your business office, you will find that investing in the right office furniture is a smart choice that can last a lifetime. The Eames Ribbed Office Chair is made from one of the best leathers available, which makes this piece of furniture a perfect addition to any professional environment. Because of its comfort and durability, you will find that spending time sitting in one of these chairs is well worth the investment. Your clients will love you for making the right choice when it comes to choosing the right office furniture.

Whether you need a seating solution for your home, the boardroom, or even your business office, you will find that the Eames Ribbed Office Chair is the perfect option. This chair has all of the benefits of a traditional office chair, including the padding, support, and strength that you will need to stay comfortable throughout your entire work day. If you are in the market for purchasing new furniture, you will want to make sure that you choose the Eames Ribbed Office Chair as your next choice.

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