Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek ? Don’t Miss Out on This Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity!

Are you looking for an adventure in South India? Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek 2020 can be the answer to your heart?s desire! Explore the serene yet rugged terrain of Karnataka and Goa as you hike through rainforests, forests, and tea plantations on your way to this naturally stunning natural waterfall! Don?t miss out on the chance to experience something that you can only find in South India ? this hike will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences of your life! So, don?t delay ? book your spot from banbanjara?on the Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek today!

How to pack

Staying organized is key to making your tour as enjoyable as possible. Bring all necessary accessories, but try to travel light by packing light and avoiding extra weight. Make sure you have at least a couple of different outfits for each day of your trip, but try not to bring too many things because it will only weigh you down. If you?re flying into India, keep in mind that certain airports will charge for checked luggage; in such cases, leave unnecessary items at home and pack lighter than usual.

What you need to know about accommodation

There are a number of accommodation options in Goa that you can choose from, but it?s important to keep in mind how much time you want to spend at each place. You?ll need to decide whether or not you want to be able to walk out of your hotel and see where you?re going, or if there is a fixed itinerary you?d like to follow. If you plan to do some day trips from your accommodation, make sure you know what is included with your stay so that you don?t end up paying extra for transportation. Many hotels offer airport transfers as part of their package; make sure these are included in any price quotes so that they don?t surprise you later.

Why bring a guide?

The Dudhsagar Waterfall is one of those places that almost everyone knows about but very few have seen, and for good reason: it?s hard to reach. Traveling there with a guide is one of the best ways to see it in its full glory?without getting lost or ending up somewhere you don?t want to be. With a skilled guide as your partner, you can focus more fully on taking in everything around you instead of worrying about navigation.

Best times to visit

The summer months of May to September are ideal for trekking in Goa, so that?s a great time to make your way up to Dudhsagar Falls. However, if you?re keen to escape India?s hot weather for cooler climes, then autumn is another spectacular time to make your way through Goan forests. There?s also a winter season from November to February when trekking can be equally rewarding, though you may need more layers and waterproof clothing. Check with local tour operators before heading out to ensure you get access at all times of year.

Best time of year for waterfalls

Before we dive into which is best, let?s clarify what makes a great waterfall. For starters, there are two different types of waterfalls that you can visit in Goa: perennial and seasonal. Perennial waterfalls will be flowing year-round as they run off a river or some other source of constant water. Seasonal falls only flow when there is sufficient rain and typically only during one part of the year (typically monsoon season). So before booking your trip to Goas, do your research and find out if your favorite waterfall can be seen at its full capacity or will it just be a trickle? Best time to travel to Goas: You might have heard that monsoon season isn?t a good time to visit India.

Things you should know about trekking in Goa

If you?re planning a trip to Goa and are looking for an exciting adventure, you might want to consider trekking as one of your activities. With soaring waterfalls, lush jungles, and cascading rivers all set against gorgeous backdrops of sea and sand, Goan trekking is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that shouldn?t be missed out on. The climate in Goa is ideal for trekking?you can do it any time of year (though don?t expect snow in December). Even better: temperatures stay fairly steady throughout the day so you won?t need to worry about starting off cool in your layers or ending with heat exhaustion when hiking back down.

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