Flexibilities of Installation of Ductless Trenton MI. Compared with Standard AC

In recent times, many homeowners who want to install a new AC unit prefer a ductless split AC.? Installation of ductless Trenton MI is not complicated. There are several flexibilities involved in installing ductless units compared with the installation of standard AC. Also, ductless split AC is one of the trending units in our modern society. Why wouldn’t you prefer a ductless split unit? Follow the next paragraphs to get more information about the ductless unit.?

Flexibilities of Installation of Ductless Trenton MI. Compared with Standard AC

Easy Installation of Ductless Trenton MI. Compared with Other Alternatives

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the installation process of ductless split air conditioners is much easier compared with installing other types of air conditioner. An installer does not need to add ductwork in the process, the hook-up between the interior and exterior units requires only a 3 inches? hole through the wall. Through this hole, you can connect your pipes and electrical wires without any complications. Only make sure that the work is being handled by a professional HVAC technician who is updated with modern HVAC installation technology.

Flexibility in the Installation of Ductless Interior and Exterior Units 

Another flexibility of installing a ductless air conditioner is the fact that your most ductless brands come with connecting pipes as long as 25 ft. This allows the installer to put the exterior unit at a convenient distance of 24.6 far away from the interior evaporator. It indicates that you can keep your home cool while placing your compressor in a safe and hidden spot unlike the regular heating and cooling system with an exposed exterior. 

In addition, if you do not want your compressor to obstruct movement, you can insist that your installer get a wall bracket to place it off the ground. This step may cost you some extra cash. But then it’s safer for your exterior unit. This is one of the advantages that a ductless air conditioner has over a regular air conditioner.

Extra Flexibility in Interior Design with Ductless Air Conditioner

Homeowners who prefer installing a ductless air conditioner always have extra flexibility with the way their homes are designed. For instance, an air handler flush can be mounted on the wall, or you can have it installed on the ceiling. In most brands of ductless air conditioners, the interior units are about 8 inches deep and integrated with high-tech jackets. They also come with remote controls and heating kits. This allows you to easily turn the unit on and off. Also, you can easily adjust the cooling and heating regardless of the height where the interior evaporator is installed in the room. 


With these mentioned flexibilities of ductless air conditioners, many homeowners would surely prefer ductless units for their homes. Installation of ductless Trenton MI. is the trend for many homes because of its advantages. However, it is recommended that you make use of HVAC technicians that are experts in the installation of ductless air conditioners to avoid the wrong installation, which could lead to other complications. Making use of ductless is an innovative way of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

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