Why is Dubai a Heaven for Businesses?

It may be very difficult to invest in a Business setup in Dubai as a foreigner. Foreign investment is also now subject to a lot of restrictions. But it can be rewarding to establish and manage a Dubai business. 

There are many benefits offered by Dubai’s rising economy in a Company formation. Profits are paid back from utilities, finance, commerce and real estate & assets. The city is also one of Middle East’s most cosmopolitan cities.

There are also seven autonomous areas called the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Each Emirate is unique and offers its own characteristics and advantages for establishing a business.

Why to Choose Dubai?

For foreigners who want to start and do business in the area, Dubai imposes restrictions. But it provides many benefits, for example:

  • The Dubayan companies do not have any income tax, withholding tax, value added tax, import/export tax, tax on capital and capital gains;;
  • More than 66 multinational double tax evasion treaties with key states such as China, the United States and most EU Members have been negotiated by the UAE;
  • Outsiders can enter the local currency easily, as there are no exchange controls.

Benefits Of Company Formation in Dubai

Here are the few and ultimate benefits of company formation in Dubai

Hub of World Trade

The UAE exercises with its trade partners a culture of fair and free trade. The overall tariff rate for products entering the UAE is 5%, but free areas have benefits such as taxes and duty exemptions. The Global Labor Program at the Open Border of the UAE adds bonuses to private industry firms to hire expatriate workers on competitive international salaries.

A safe Gateway

The UAE has excellent trade conditions, geographically located on the modern Southern Silk Road between Asia, Europe and Africa. The different countries and regions in continuous ties of industry with the UAE and using it to enter the globe.

Free Zone

Most imports into the UAE are subject to relatively low import duties. In addition, imports of commodities into free trade areas are totally excluded from import duty. Company and personal taxes by 0 percent.

Companies located in the Dubai or free zones of the UAE shall not pay taxes on companies or persons and benefit from 100% profit and capital repatriation. A report by the World Bank, International Financial Corporation and PricewaterhouseCoopers called paying taxes 2013 has demonstrated this favourable tax system.

Competitive Economy

The economy of the UAE ranked 3rd among 15 Arab and 28th among 185 nations worldwide in a ranking of the 2013 Economic Freedom Index established by the Heritage Foundation in association with Wall Street Journal. Businesses enjoy a very high dynamic and progressive atmosphere, thanks to the UAE’s open and favourable business conditions and the highly stable political climate.

Popular Businesses in Dubai

Here are some popular businesses in Dubai, it will help you in business setup in Dubai. However, some areas may find the set-up and licence fees relative to be greater in the laws and the market world in general. 

Therefore, a sensible approach is to search for high-demand market concepts that do not require heavy setup or licence fees.


High discretionary revenues and decent buying power facilitate dining regularly for people in the UAE. The strong return on investment may be a small-scale restaurant or a caf? aimed at a particular kitchen or a mix of different cuisines. 

Even in the UAE, in Dubai, mobile food trucks are becoming increasingly popular. Strong examples of this are the cafes and restaurants such as the Coffee Club, Jolibee and Al Qubtan Restaurant.

Cooked Food Home Delivery

A large population of 9 to 5 are looking for home cooked fresh food for lunch every day, but they cannot prepare it everyday. Quick food is neither healthy for the stomach nor inexpensive on a daily basis. 

So if you’ve decided to give 2- 10 people a week or a month to offices in an environment with an intense business presence, you’ll definitely be doing a nice job.

Many of these companies are now operating, but this form of industry still has a large demand for the increasing population and business activities in the region.


Rapid economic growth in the UAE has given the building of private, tourist and industrial installations throughout the country a significant boost. This is in addition to continued infrastructure growth, such as Al Maktoum International Airport, free trade areas, ports, etc.


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