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About Dutch Technology Catheters

Dutch Technology Catheters is an R&D based company that has specialization in designing & developing a minimally intrusive access approach and delivering devices. DTC has designed and developed a high-tech PTCA Balloon Catheter by using the technology which is being used by top companies. Serving over 50 years in the R&D PTCA space, we are known for the transfer of complete PTCA technology designs to increase the quality of medical technology. The expertise area lies in working on the precise customizing needs of customers within PTCA technology. The team at DTC believes that quality is the top priority and invests in people as their valuable investment.

Services – Read on to know more about the services of DTC! 

PTCA Technology Transfers

DTC allows you a unique opportunity to own a ready-to-go PTCA system that is being supported by KOL doctors globally. The PTCA technology transfers include three types of catheters: PTCA semi-compliant catheters, PTCA non-compliant catheters, and PTCA stent delivery system, each having its own specifications and purposes. 

Manufacturing Solutions OEM

DTC design and develop ballon and balloon catheters for the cardiovascular, GI, radiology, and urology markets. The aim is to provide customers with different types of balloons (non, semi, and compliant) in a variety of material configurations. The balloons are developed from materials, low profile, and highly concentric balloon tubing with manufacturing technology. There are different types of polymers used in creating balloons such as polyurethane, Pebax, nylon, polyester/PBT, special compounded blends like TPU/Pebax, and Pebax/Nylon, multi-layer structures.


There will be different custom shapes of balloon catheters with standard and custom balloon ends. The balloons have applications in the healthcare industry including PTCA/PTA, Esophageal, Renal, Occlusion, structural heart, Cryoablation, RF Ablation, Kyphoplasty, and Specialty.

Products – Read on to know more about the products of DTC! 

Angiographic & Guide Catheter

The specific product has a soft atraumatic bumper tip and fluctuating degrees of flexibility and hardness. To meet the clinical requirements, there are a wide variety of shapes that provide versatility. It has strengthened braid and high torque and has chemical inertness. The exceptional pressure limit, industry-leading tensile, and minimum kink radius are some other features of the angiographic catheter. The advanced tip construction of Angiographic Catheter helps in providing the elasticity balance and shape retention needed for a successful approach and stable purchase.


Braided Catheter 

The product is biocompatible and is USP Class VI compliant, also there are single and multi-durometer options available. It has custom material blends, color concentrates, and radiopaque fillers. There is a variety of braid density and configuration options along with hydrophilic and anti-microbial coating options available. The braided catheter has variable pitch coils and pick count braids, deflectable and fixed curve shafts. There is a different variety of braid thickness and configurations allowing you to customize the catheter?s mechanical properties. 

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Peek Tube

The specific product is biocompatible and is USP Class VI compliant, it is resistant to thermal degradation at high temperatures. Having excellent pushability and high tensile strength, it also has chemical inertness and low moisture absorption. The peek tube has high flexural strength as well. It is a thermoplastic polymer that has special properties suiting to meet medical applications. The manufacturing partner of DTC has the expertise to custom tailor the mechanical properties to meet the exacting requirements.


Medical Balloon 

The product is biocompatible and is USP Class VI compliant and has ultra-thin wall balloon tubing. Having a concentricity of more than 90%, the medical balloon has a dual and tri-layer balloon tubing with a high and decisive burst pressure. The wall thickness is down to 0.001? and tolerance down to +/-0.0005?. There are various applications of medical balloons in dilatation, stent delivery, occlusion, light therapy, drug transfer, and energy delivery. DTC has a vast selection in the industry to perfectly fit the need of any application. Moreover, the manufacturing partner of DTC produces tubes with persistent wall thickness and the finest concentricity, and the materials used are Nylon 12, Grilamid, and Vestamid and supervised thermoplastic elastomers like Pebax.


Sheath Tubing 

The product is biocompatible and is USP Class VI compliant with a smooth surface. Sheath tubing has excellent radiopaque visibility and rigid wall thickness. Moreover, it is easy for the tipping process. Furthermore, the size, color, and hardness can be custom tailored as per your needs with materials like FEP, ETFE. 


Tungsten Loaded Tube

The product is biocompatible and is USP Class VI compliant, having high tungsten loading of up to 80%. It is hydrophilic coating compatible and has superior value as compared to gold or platinum. The manufacturing partner of DTC has specialization in super radiopaque tubing made up of PU or Pebax and is loaded with tungsten. The platinum and gold maker bands are placed on catheters to allow high visibility under fluoroscopy.


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