Everything You Need to Know About Driver CPC Training Course

Driver CPC training course is now mandatory for every bus and lorry driver. The training helps to build knowledge and increase the safety standards of heavy vehicle drivers. The total duration of the training is of 35 hours. Drivers will have five years to undergo these 35 hours of training. It would be best to break the training down to one hour per year. This will help to reduce the burden in the fifth year. At the end of the training, the drivers will get a CPC certification which is now a part of professional driving requirements. This CPC certification is a legal requirement now for every professional driver under category D and category C licenses. However, there are a few exceptions.

The government always recommends the professional coach, bus, or lorry drivers should have CPC certifications to be able to drive legally. So, there are training courses available for drivers to develop their driving skills. Having the necessary guidance, a chauffeur can save thousands of lives while driving. There are other advantages of having driver CPC certifications. But, first, let’s start with what exactly a driver CPC training is, 

What Exactly Is CPC Training?

The CPC training includes initial and periodic training for drivers to sharpen their driving skills. The CPC is also known as a certificate of professional competence. Industries such as transportation and haulage tend to check the CPC certifications of a driver before recruiting them. Drivers who’re seeking to get the category D or category C licenses should undergo a training program that includes periodic training and initial training. There is a driver CPC training course available for drivers. However, there are a few exceptions for CPC certifications and is applicable for specific drivers.

They can prepare for the practical and theory test to pass the training exam. Without passing the CPC certification training program, a driver can’t obtain a commercial license for driving. Upon completing the initial training of CPC certifications, the drivers will have a CPC card for demonstrating their legally verified driving skills. The card is valid for only five years. After completing five years, drivers have to undergo periodic CPC training to renew their cards. The training helps the drivers to stay safe while driving on the road. 

Benefits of Completing A Driver CPC Training: 

Most drivers often wonder whether they will get any benefits after completing the driver certification courses. So, let’s take a look at these benefits below, 

1. It Helps You to Be A Secure Driver 

Driving can be dangerous if the person isn’t well trained to handle a vehicle. It can take thousands of lives of people when driving unknowingly. Every year people are witnessing vehicle accidents that are causing several deaths. Getting CPC certifications will help drivers to learn some defensive driving techniques and allow them to be safer on the roads. It will reduce the high volume of road-related casualties. Also, it will help the drivers to protect the people who are most at risk. This includes pedestrians, elderly people, motorcyclists, etc. These trained drivers can also save those employers who lose their money as a result of road accidents. 

2. It’s Beneficial for the Environment 

There’s no denial in saying that the environment is rapidly leading to a disaster in the future. One of the contributing factors behind this is the excessive fuel usage by vehicles. It has been reported that 9.5 % of the fuel utilization can be reduced when the drivers have the best training, capabilities, and affirmation. So, the CPC training is exceptionally valuable to the nation as it reduces the carbon impression and carbon discharges. It’s because the drivers will operate the vehicle more proficiently. 

3. It Makes You Employable 

Drivers with CPC training certifications are always employable. Since the CPC certification is a legal requirement for the drivers, it helps them to stay competitive in the industry. Industries like the transport and haulage sector always recruit drivers after checking their CPC certifications. This is a great opportunity for the drivers if they’re looking for a job change. 

4. It Lowers the Maintenance Costs

The more training a driver receives, the better they can manage the vehicles. Further, it lowers the maintenance costs of the drivers as they can predict other actions on the road. This will help the drivers to adapt to safety habits, adhere to speed limits and maintain the inflated tires properly. This maintained vehicle can minimize maintenance costs in the long run. 

5. It Educates you to Increase Awareness 

Awareness is the primary requirement for any driver. Without being aware, it becomes difficult to follow the road safety rules. This is especially true when the driver is in charge of bulkier vehicles like lorry or buses. The CPC training course helps the driver to stay aware and prepare for unforeseen events on the road. 

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