7 Ways To Drive More Sales From Instagram


Instagram, a social media platform is used widely all over the world with more than 800 million active users, monthly. Apart from connecting with friends and family, Instagram is also used for marketing and as a marketing channel. 

If you want your business to climb the stairs of success, your Instagram marketing strategy must be on point. 

There are many Instagram marketing services in kolkata. Esspesoft is one of them, which will bring the ultimate result to your business by driving more sales from Instagram. 

In this blog, by social media service Esspesoft, we will discuss the 7 tricks to drive more sales from Instagram. Stay tuned to know more, and leave satisfactorily. 

7 tips to drive sales from Instagram 


*Post user-generated content 

Have you heard of the method ?word-of-mouth?? It is another method of user-generated content and is also an easy way of advertising. Therefore your existing customers are doing you a favor by creating content that shows your product through which you are able to promote your products further. 

*Not to overly sales posts 

Since Instagram is also used by users to get entertained as well, you have to do the buying and selling process in an innovative manner. By which, the online marketing agency means you have to provide engaging and valuable content to the Instagram users 

*Run giveaways 

Giveaways or holding contests are effective ways to increase the sales of your business on Instagram. They can help a lot in building followers, engagement, and brand acknowledgment. It can also increase brand awareness. 

*Use hashtags 

When you use the right set of hashtags to promote your products and services, it becomes for all the target consumers to get to you in a minute. This too helps in increasing brand awareness. Though coming up with a catchy hashtag is not easy, for the sake of your business, you ought to. 

*Present some product action

No matter how attractive images have been uploaded of your products, remember a product action is more valuable and honest. For the real impact, you can give a sneak peek of your services or product action to the consumers.?

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*Post attractive pictures 

Consumers will only stay on your page if the images they see are clear enough to understand and pleasant to the eye. Remember that every image you upload matches your overall branding and business strategy. 

*Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram Advertising helps you deal with the targetted audience. If your brand is new, Instagram ads are useful. There are ways that you can adapt to organizing Instagram ads so that the clients become interested. 


There you go with the 7 ways to drive more sales from Instagram by Social media marketing company in kolkata, Esspesoft. 

Gathering knowledge and trying to implement it are two different things. Doing it all alone is impossible and likely to lose track. For reliable help visit our website www.esspesoft.com

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