Drink Pure Water And Live Healthy

drink pure water

Water is one of the vital components of our life, and people can not survive without water. As water participates in almost all human body functions, it improves digestion, brain function, circulatory system, and the elimination of body waste.

Various medical professionals recommend drinking the optimum concentration of water on the regular basis. Drinking optimum concentration of water on a regular basis makes sure that you will have a disease free life.

But these days with the increasing water pollution almost all the water sources have become polluted. And drinking of contaminated water leads to various kinds of waterborne diseases. But thanks to the water purifier, which eliminates all types of water impurities and makes it safe for consumption.

Aquaguard Water Purifier- Avoid Waterborne Diseases

Aquaguard is one of the best and reputed water purifiers in the Indian market. It is based on the latest and advanced technology, which eliminates contamination and improves the water’s taste. Along with that, the Aquaguard service provider also believes in providing satisfactory services to the whole nation’s doorstep. An Aquaguard water purifier is based on various water purification technology, but below, we have mentioned some of the widely used technology with their working details.

RO Technology

It is also known as reverse osmosis technology, which eliminates total dissolved salts present in the water. Although an RO water purifier can also eliminate the water’s microbial contamination, these kinds of water purifier is suitable for those areas where the TDS concentration is high and microbial contamination is low.

Ultra- Violate Ray

It is also known as Ultraviolet rays water purifier. In this technology, water is allowed to pass through a UV chamber at shallow pressure. Due to low pressure, water flows very slowly. As a result, a contaminant present in the water gets exposed for more time. As a result, the microbes present in the water will get destroyed.

The UV water purifier is only used to eliminate the microbial contamination present in the water. This water purifier can not treat another contaminant other than microbial contamination. Thus a UV water purifier is suitable for those areas where the microbial contamination is high compared to TDS concentration.


This water purifier is also known as the UF water purifier. A UF water purifier works in the same fashion as an RO water purifier. Still, it has only one difference, like the UF water purifier membrane has a larger pore size than the RO water purifier’s membrane.

A UF water purifier is used to eliminate the larger molecules present in the water, but it does not remove the microbial contamination present in the water. But a UF water purifier always comes in combination with RO or UV.


A water purifier is one of the electrical devices which allows you to get freshwater irrespective of the input source. But the selection of the water purifier has become challenging because a wide range of water purifiers is available in the Indian market.

If you are looking for the best water purifier, immediately contact the Aquaguard service center. An expert professional will help you get the best and reliable water purifier at your home at the best and affordable price.


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