How to download videos in Pinterest easily using Pin Downloader?

Do you want to know how to download videos in Pinterest? Here is our complete guide. Those who are worried about downloading Pinterest media can go through this and get an idea about it. In this post, we are going to clarify how to download videos in Pinterest in an easy manner. For that, we brought a very simple tool called Pin Downloader. This will help you to bring any interesting media file from Pinterest to your desktop or smartphone. Download Videos in Pinterest is a bit complicated. It is because we cannot find a direct download method there. That?s why we have to find a reliable and advanced tool for that. Hope you too will agree with us to use this tool for Pinterest Videos Download Online. It can perform via CDN servers and save Pinterest videos for you. Even the tool service is safe and free. In fact, the Pin Downloader is with the whole thing we wish. Here is how to use it.

How to download videos in Pinterest?

This is not about a method that you can use directly on Pinterest. Download Pinterest Videos for Free using the Pin Downloader is a third-party way. And even it should use separately. It should open using your web browser because it is an online tool. Downloading videos, images, or GIFs that are pinned can easily accomplish by submitting the link of the post.

We can easily find out so many videos on Pinterest posted by members around the world. And not only videos; photos, GIFs and everything can find in various categories. One category has many files for you. However, you can download videos in Pinterest using your PC either. No need to use your smartphone always. This Pinterest Video Downloader only needs your submission of the relevant video link. Then you can click the download button. The tool will perform by itself and save the video right away. It only takes a few minutes and will not waste your time.

Complete guide to Pin Downloader

Since we can use Pinterest as a mobile app or web version, bringing your Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android smartphone is not matter. Just decide what device to be used and connect it to Wi-Fi.

  • Go to your Pinterest account and use the search bar to search the video. You can also go to the Pinboard if you want to download a video from your Pinboard. Or else, just scroll down the timeline and find a video
  • Then copy the link to the selected video clip. Copying the URL is not difficult. You can use the share icon or the Copy Link option openly. Even copying the address bar as well correct when you are opening the Pinterest webpage
  • After copying the URL, go to the Pinterest Video Downloader tool using your web browser
  • When the page opened, you can go to the download bar and paste the URL
  • Then use the Download button and start downloading
  • Once you will see the preview, go to the size and format chart and select what you want
  • Then click the Download button again. Download Videos in Pinterest tool will save the video in the format and the size you requested

What?s more?

Download videos in Pinterest easily using Pin Downloader. Since this is the only and the best way of saving files from Pinterest, it is better to share the tool link with your friends too. There can be videos, photos, and GIFs that you want to download on your device for some reason. You can never accomplish it if you want to download it directly. Having a third-party way like Pin Downloader is true relief. It can use on your iDevice, smartphone, Windows, or Mac OS X because of its online approach. And because the web page is simple and plain, it will be able to load easily with minimum data coverage. But of course, it too needs stable mobile data or Wi-Fi connection when downloading files.

Wrapping up

Before using the tool, you should know every single thing about how to download videos in Pinterest. If you want to easily accomplish your task, it is this Pinterest Video Downloader, the only tool that can help you easily download videos in Pinterest. You can creatively edit videos or send them to your friends on chats and even upload them to other social media platforms. However, this is a tool that is particularly arranged for download media on Pinboards. It does not matter even if you want to download a photo or Gif file. The Pin Downloader can download any of them for you. And because its download service is free, users can download even so many files without paying for them. You can bookmark these how-to download videos in Pinterest post and the Pin downloader web page too to be used in the future.

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