5 Simple and Easy DIY haircare routine for a Quarantined Bride

One thing that even the pandemic could not stop from happening was the wedding season. Taking all sorts of necessary precautions, right from brides teaming up their Anarkali with matching mask to the groom wearing his sanitary kit, people continued to keep up with the wedding scenario so that the loving pair in not separated for long. But it has already prevented the brides from rushing to the salon and parlor for their grooming for the D-day. With the rising number of cases, people have been cautious and rightly decided to stay at home as per the guidelines of the government. In such a case where the bride is finding it difficult to access proper grooming and trimming, we have a few suggestions for the quarantined brides to take good care of their hair so that they look like an image of Rapunzel on their wedding day, all decked up in beautiful heavy jewelry and their bridal lehenga.

Given below are a few useful suggestions for the brides-to-be to follow and keep the beauty of their hair intact. Have a look at them and see how far they are applicable in your case.

#5 Easy Hair Tips for Quarantined Brides

1. Regular oiling

If you happen to be someone with rough hair that tends to fall very easily, it is advised that you oil your hair on a regular basis. You can use either coconut oil or olive oil to apply on your scalp and the entire length of the hair. Before applying the oil, warm it a little, lukewarm oil when applied on the scalp works better than normal oil. Keep your hair oil-soaked overnight and wash it in the morning using shampoo, then condition your hair with a good mild conditioner. This process will not only strengthen your hair but it will also prevent rough hair and stop keratin erosion from the surface of your hair.

2. Avoid using a towel

One of the most common mistakes women do is to dry their hair using a towel. The texture of a towel is sometimes too harsh for your delicate hair, hurriedly drying and rubbing your scalp with the towel may cause the follicles to loosen on the root which ultimately leads to triggering hair fall. Therefore, avoid using towels to dry your hair, instead use an old t-shirt to wrap your hair in. It will not only soak-in the water but also prevent hair damage and hair fall or you can even use a soft cloth to rub your hair dry. Try not to rub your hair very hastily while drying.

3. Apply aloe vera

Another very useful method to prevent your scalp from drying is to apply Aloe Vera Gel or raw aloe vera on your scalp. Aloe vera tends to reduce the invasion of dandruff on your scalp, cuts down excess oil, and gives your hair the necessary luster it requires. You can apply aloe vera on your scalp and keep it for 15 minutes before shampooing your hair. Do this twice a week and see the difference for yourself!

4. Apply Onion Juice

The most common problem amongst women these days is the massive amount of hair fall they experience every day. No matter what your age is, hair fall is a very common problem observed in women after the age of 20. To curb this recurring problem, you can apply onion juice on your scalp and shampoo it off in an hour. Onion juice works wonders to reduce hair fall and it is an easy homemade technique to curb this hair fall issue. There are also brands that make oils that contain a good amount of onion juice or onion-based oil which you can apply and let it stay overnight, then shampoo and condition your hair.

5. Avoid blow-dryers

If you did not know this already, blow-dryers tend to damage the texture of your hair, diminishing the quality of your hair and making it rough and scaly on the outside. Try to avoid blow dryers at all costs unless it is an emergency and you have thick and long hair that is difficult to dry. Regular use of blow dryers also damages your hair roots, rendering the hair follicles weak and open, thus, prone to damage and hair fall.

Religiously follow the above-mentioned techniques to keep your hair healthy during the lockdown period. Other than the solutions mentioned above, do not forget to take a proper diet and all the nutritious elements required to keep your hair healthy. Above all, food is the ultimate source of nutrition for your growing hair.

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