Advantages of doing Distance MBA

    Distance MBA

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognized degree. This degree program is designed for students who are willing to establish a career in business and management. The MBA degree, however, is not limited to the business world. It can also be useful for those who look to establish a career in the public sector, government, private industry, etc. 

    The MBA program includes a core curriculum of subjects like accounting, economics, marketing, operations, and professional elective subjects for the students to follow their professional interests. Certain MBA schools and colleges require their students to complete an internship program at a company before they graduate. 

    This 2-year graduation program has plenty of job opportunities in the corporate sector. This graduation program can be persuaded by anyone irrespective of their fields, let it be science, arts, commerce or humanities. The two-year course is divided into four semesters and few colleges offer the MBA program as a one-year course as well. The first two semesters are focused on the core subjects and the final two semesters are meant for the specializations chosen by the students.

    What is Distance MBA?

    Distance MBA is a profitable career option for those who can not opt for a full-time MBA due to various reasons like lack of money, work schedule, etc. The option is flexible and affordable to those students who can not attend classes regularly. 

    The distance MBA program is recognized by UG/AICTE boards of education. Distant MBA colleges have also developed placement cells for their students to get opportunities to be placed in the top and reputed multinational companies (MNCs) from around the world. After graduating from a distance MBA program you can acquire job profiles like Corporate Associate, Portfolio Manager, Finance Analyst, Senior Executive, and many more.?

    Why choose distance MBA over a full-time MBA program?

    The distance MBA program is designed especially for working professionals who are unable to attend regular college. The distant MBA program is quite cheaper when compared to other forms of MBA programs. It is a pocket-friendly program, saving you money on transportation as well. The admission process is also quite simpler for the distant MBA program with minimum eligibility criteria.

    Differences between the full-time MBA and Distance MBA:

    • Distance MBA classes are taken online and some institutes send study material via post or email. In a full-time MBA, the schedule is fixed and classes are conducted in classrooms. 
    • Flexibility is offered in terms of exam schedule and online assignment submission in distance MBA, whereas, in full-time MBA there is a tight and fixed schedule with assignment submissions and exam dates.
    • The duration of the distance MBA program can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. The full-time MBA program is a 2-year course.
    • Not many distance MBA colleges offer placements, and when it comes to full-time MBA colleges they conduct placements at the end of each academic year, giving students a chance to get placed in reputed companies in the world.
    • There is no interaction between the students and faculty after class hours in the distance MBA program, but in full-time MBA there is constant interaction between students and faculty and faculty are available to clear doubts at any time.

    Perks of taking up Distance MBA:

    • Study and Learn simultaneously: The main perk of distance MBA is that you can acquire an MBA degree without having to quit your job. 
    • Flexibility: Distance MBA programs offer flexible class hours keeping in mind the convenience of the students. In distance MBA, it is up to you to choose the timings and location of classes. This flexibility allows you to complete your degree within the specified duration as well. 
    • Affordable: The fee of the distance MBA program is much lesser when compared to other means of the MBA programs. The fee ranges from about Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1 lakh, whereas, the full-time program costs no less than Rs. 5-7 lakh.
    • Technological Education: Technology and education go hand in hand when it comes to distance MBA. Classes offered in the distance MBA course are mostly carried out through video lectures or webinars. Study materials are also provided by the colleges through emails or posts. The assignments can be submitted through online channels as well.
    • Aspiring your Dream: You can fulfill your dream of completing an MBA degree. The distance MBA program will suit you right if you have a busy schedule and can not go to college for attending classes. 

    The distance MBA program can help you strengthen your resume with added benefits. The flexibility of the program allows you to attend classes on your convenience and comfort. It gives you an edge over other employees at your office with an MBA degree added to your resume, giving you a respectful position in your company.  

    The online classes are ensured to provide quality education with experienced professional faculty teaching. They provide in-depth knowledge for each subject preparing their students for the highly competitive world. If you too are a working professional looking to strengthen your profile, a distance MBA program could work to do so. The program could be easily fitted in your busy schedule based on your comfort and convenience.

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