Discovering Munich With Kids: Best Family-Friendly Things To Do

If you ever dreamed of taking your kids into a fairytale world, then Bavaria is a good place to start. With its storybook villages, colorful houses and many castles, dramatic mountains and babbling brooks, your kids will have so much to do in the area. As a base for your adventures across the region, you can choose the capital of Bavaria, wonderful Munich, full of fun family-friendly things to do as well. So if you?re visiting Munich with your kids, here are your must-do activities in the city:

Watch the clock dance

If you find yourself in Munich between March and October, you can time your daily exploration trip to be in front of the Neues Rathaus at 11 am, 12 pm or 5 pm. Why is this spot so important? Well, you and your kids will get the chance to watch one of the largest animated clocks in Europe perform its dance. When the clock strikes the mentioned hours, colorful figures come out to dance, fight with swords and do all sorts of movements to the sound of folk tunes. This clock has 32 characters acting out events from the Bavarian past and the show is surprisingly long, about 10 minutes. When a rooster sticks its head out the little door at the top and crows, it means the show is over.

Row your boat in the English Garden

Bigger than New York?s Central Park, this largest park in Germany contains everything from formal gardens to woodland paths and oriental buildings. Your kids will enjoy running around in the?English Garden?and playing on playgrounds, feeding the ducks and especially rowing the small paddleboats. You can also stop and watch surfers do all sorts of dares on one of the streams! And this place is also heaven for parents because while kids run around and play with their new friends, you can enjoy the landscape, relax with a tea and catch your breath from your adventure.

Pretend to be princes and princesses in Neuschwanstein

Is there anything more enticing for kids than pretending to be royalty? Well, if you check out one of the?many Munich sightseeing tours, you?ll find a day excursion to the mountains and into Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle is also known as ?the fairytale castle? because it looks just like you stepped into Disneyworld. And the palace of King Ludwig II is not the only attraction your kids will love. There is also a very interesting Royal Villa called Linderhof Castle which was used for many dreamy activities for the rich and powerful. And if you book your excursion over an experienced agency, you?ll get to avoid lines and complicated transportation which is crucial when traveling with kids.

Explore the animal kingdom

When in Munich, make sure to visit Tierpark Hellabrunn, one of the best zoos in Europe. With over 100 years of animal-caring tradition, this zoo has almost 2000 animals enjoying replicas of their native habitats. Polar animals enjoy Arctic cold while birds enjoy giant aviaries. There are also many fun walking paths and events in the summer perfect for kids.

Take a break in the nearest konditorei

Here?s a treat for the entire family?a visit to a konditorie. A konditorei is a bakery/caf? you can find on every corner in Munich and enjoy delicious sweets. Inside, you?ll find all sorts of cakes where you can order a bit of everything with your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. The pastries and cakes are even more delicious than they look and you don?t even need to bother with complicated German names?just point to a cake you want and it will appear at your table shortly. Munich is a true heaven for all travelers, especially?families with kids. From exciting castle adventures to delicious sweets and interesting zoos and museums, you?ll want to prolong your stay in this magical city for as long as possible.

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