Discover Interesting Places In Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia in Southasia occupies a significant part of the Malay peninsula. Situated a little above the Equator, the country is full of natural beauty in diverse forms. Not just this, but the country is a popular destination for world-famous architecture, shopping and fun activities that attract tourists here.

Geographically Malaysia is in two parts. The western region is part of the Malay peninsula, separated from Singapore by the Johor strait. On the eastern side, Malaysian Borneo occupies the northern portion of the island of Borneo. These two distinct regions contribute to its natural scenic beauty. The country is culturally diverse as well. The population here is a mixture of Bumiputeras, or indigenous people, Chinese and Indians. It is a welcoming atmosphere for tourists to this beautiful land of nature, culture and fun.

So, here is a brief guide on the things you can do and places to visit on your trip.

Visit the Prominent Landmarks First

  • KL Menara Towers– The KL Towers or the Kuala Lumpur Towers are a definite icon of this country. It is a telecommunications tower. Enter the 7th?tallest structure in the world with KL Tower Tickets. Behold the 360-degree view of this capital city from 421 meters above at the observation deck. Experience the open breeze 300 meters from the Skydeck and click away pics from the high level. Your KL Tower Tickets?give another option of viewing this panoramic view within the glass cube Skybox.

The latest attraction at the Menara Kuala Lumpur is the Skywalk 100. This walk offers a unique opportunity for visitors to step onto the glass bottom of the skywalk deck 100 feet above the ground. You are perfectly safe with a harness around for this thrill high above. Follow the instructions, and you are good to go.

The KL Tower Tickets get you through the KL Tower Mini Zoo. Here you can see about 60 species of animals, some rare ones such as iguana, white crow and the minor version of horses. Visit the eight zones here with recreated natural habitats of the animals and have an enjoyable day.

  • The Petronas Twin Towers– These are undoubtedly the next landmark you must visit on your trip here. They are the world’s tallest twin towers at 452 meters tall and 1483 feet above the ground. The architecture and design of the Twin Towers is a simple geometric pattern that resembles an eight-pointed star. Tourists can first catch the views from the sky bridge on the 41st floor, about 170 meters from the street level.

The view from the observation deck on the 86th floor is unmatched in the beauty of this bustling city. Take a look at the mesmerizing pyramidical architecture of the building from here. There are 45 minutes guided tour in a small group of 10 members that takes you through the stories behind the towers. Know about the history of the building with augmented reality screens, digital displays and educative videos at the 83rd level.

  • Sultan Abdul Samad Building is a beautiful piece of architecture with a blend of Indian and Arabic styles. Once the office of the colonial government, today, the Sultan Abdul Samad building serves as Malaysia’s Ministry of Communication, Information and culture. The architecture has several arches, copper domes and a 41-meter-high clock tower in the centre with a crown dome. Tourists visit this place for its classic architectural beauty.
  • The Royal Museum, Istana Negara and Merdeka Square are a few other highlights in Kuala Lumpur for tourists to experience this city fully. The town boasts some shopping arenas. These are equally popular among visitors to the capital city.

Kuala Lumpur has much more for every kind of visitor. There are fun and frolic attractions here in various theme parks. Let us explore a few of them here.

Get Set Go Into Full Throttle Fun

Among the theme park adventures of Kuala Lumpur, the?Wet World Water Shah Alam Park stand out. Your?Wet World Water Park Shah Alam ticket ushers you into?the world of fun with your family and your near ones. It is Malaysia’s largest chain of water parks and has eight rides and attractions to enjoy. The park in Selangor hosts a tropical jungle look and is an excellent respite from the tropical climate of the place. Get your?Wet World Water Park Shah Alam ticket?to experience?the fun and thrill of all the exhilarating rides in this popular water park. The themes of these rides are the Pirate Cove, Whirlwind Escape, Super Hurricane, Caribbean rider, Bermuda Triangle, Treasure Island, Thunder River and Monsoon Buster.

Spend the day-long escape from the heat with your Wet World Water Park Shah Alam ticket. Get wet, soak, dive and splash around with joy. Grab some mouth-watering food and refreshments in the eateries within the park to keep you satiated.

Var Live?is another thrilling experience in Kuala Lumpur. This place is an indoor theme park graded as Malaysia’s largest virtual reality indoor theme park. There are 13 attractions for tourists to taste the thrill through an immersive experience. The cutting-edge technology of vibrant consoles and infrared techniques add to your fun. Delve into the racing game in the jungle on an island or visit the horror hospital genre; your ticket to an extraordinary experience is right here at Var Live.

The Sunway Lagoon theme park is another enjoyable experience for tourists to this capital city. Within this lies the separate zones for the water park, amusement park, scream park, and wildlife park for a great experience. Visit Asia’s first park based on the Nickelodeon theme in the Sunway Lagoon theme park premises for a fun-filled family time.

The Berjaya Times Square indoor theme park and District 21 park are just a few theme park attractions. There are many more fun places in Kuala Lumpur to make the most of your holiday.

A holiday in a beautiful place like Kuala Lumpur combines culture, beauty and fun like none other.

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