Digital marketing and the prospect of digital commercialization

    digital marketing

    Today’s digital landscape and digital marketing is a major departure from what advertisers and business owners have been used to, as goods and services continue to reach more segmented and established target markets over time, targeting this constantly segmented and declining target market is becoming more difficult through analogous marketing techniques.

    At the height of this obstacle to effective marketing penetration comes the days of digitization, a response to the lifelong prayer of marketers, but while the digital era is here and for some time now (since 1995) many marketers, business development strategists and business owners are unfortunately still handicapped. The fear of this fresh and unfamiliar media has an inelastic approach to change and unhealthy attachment to their comfort zone(analog, offline marketing)

    Marketers need to embrace change in order to use digital, and understand its constant nature. Innovation and inelastic response to innovation have driven many companies out of business over the years. Consider emerging brands like Apple , Microsoft , Google, Yahoo, Nike etc. their continuous creation, anticipation and reaction to change is a major factor boosting their competitive edge. Digital Marketing Agency embracing needs new ways of thinking and looking at marketing, a few years down the road-digital embracing will no longer be a choice for discussion, because people are now switching to and spending more time on digital platforms. Rationale why we need to accept digital.

    Digital targeting: has the potential to reach the right people (audience) for your brand , product or service. It also helps to reach not only the right people but also them at the right time. More notably, the target audience sought migrates dramatically to digital channels.

    Word of mouth: On digital media, using networks and word of mouth to spread news about a brand, product or service is more effective and spectacular. A marketing tactic now known as viral marketing as the term (whether good or bad) spreads online much like a virus.

    Reach: digital media really makes the world a small, multicultural community, it allows small companies the opportunity to reach out, expose people of diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds to their products / services and brands. It is also a tool for creating massive awareness about the brand over a relatively short time.

    Assessment: the vast trace left by digital media each time a network or website is accessed ensures that there is an potential for qualitative and quantitative research and assessment of digital marketing activities. It makes room for better development tactics optimisation.

    The following properties and the attitudinal change in the way people use Internet technologies and the rate of adoptions all point to the obvious-DIGITAL MARKETING IS GROWING AND THE ADOPTION OF IT ‘S MANY INNNOVATIVE TOOLS MEANS MARKETERS WILL DO MORE MARKETING ON DIGITAL PLATFORMS IN FUTURE.

    Congratulations if you’re already interested in digital marketing, if not- there’s no time too late to get started because the clock is already ticking, if you’re not on digital platforms, that means your rivals are already gaining on you and NO BUSINESS MAN WANTS THAT.

    Ajay Dalal is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blog Technology and sales pages. He often writes for Dricki and Digital Junkies and explores new technologies to share his knowledge through writing.

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