The 4 Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Empower Your Business

Without a doubt, digital marketing is one of the cost effective methods to convince your target audience that you?re the right brand to make a purchase. The results of digital marketing practices can easily be measured which altogether makes it a sound strategy for marketers. It helps marketing departments to easily measure the performance of their campaigns and in turn, help them make better decisions.?

How digital marketers measure performance? They do it through observing traffic with analytics. Google Analytics can show you results in real-time which helps many digital marketers to assess what?s working & what?s not. In this way, they are able to tweak their strategies and invest in campaigns which bring better results. They also employ A/B testing and perform experiments to see what?s working. 

With the advent of newer technologies and more sophisticated software environments, digital marketing has significantly evolved. Are you planning to make investments in the digital marketing stratosphere? 

Today, we are going to highlight the five best digital marketing strategies which can empower businesses. 

So without further ado, let?s checkout these number–crunching digital marketing strategies. 

A Content Strategy to Convert Visitors 

Do you know more than 80% of online shoppers claim they receive better company information through articles than advertisements? It shows your target audience is more inclined on gathering up information through your blog page rather than relying on digital advertisements. So companies who are massively spending top-dollars on organizing campaigns should consider making investments on other facets such as content marketing.

Defining your brand?s content marketing strategy is one of the major things you need to do to give your brand the life it needs. Without good content, you won?t be able to successfully portray who or what your brand is, what your brand values, how your brand can help others and how you?re making a difference. The best way to make a killer content marketing strategy is to checkout on your competitors what they are doing. Learn what?s trending in the industry and how your competitors are capitalizing on it. 

Now do your research, make a list of your own topics and get them out in the open. 

When creating content, don?t forget that content production is just 20% of the equation. How you share it makes up the remaining 80% of the pareto principle. Make sure to organize your priorities accordingly. 

Capitalize Investments on Email Marketing 

Do you know email marketing has a very high ROI? It can go as much as up to $44 for every single dollar you spend on email marketing. Here?s a number that will convince just about any marketing enthusiast to invest in email marketing. Although traditional, email marketing strategy has without a doubt helped countless businesses to score top-dollars so we advise that you closely work on building your email list from day 1 of your product launch. The easiest and simplest way is to offer a free ebook to your customers. You can set up a pop-up on your website to appear in around 5 seconds for your visitors. 

Ask them to leave their email address and in return, get a number-crunching e-book which will help them. 

On the other hand, write short and concise emails. Write them using powerful content and personalize them to appeal to your target audience. Make them mobile-friendly if you can and before you know it, you will start seeing some great results. To close the sale, link your landing pages and then again, don?t forget to focus on the content of your landing pages. Landing pages will after all, convert visitors into customers. Create clearly defined landing pages for better click throughs. 

Many brands are now engaging animated video production company and? houses to assist them in making their emails more engaging and clickable. You can also do the same.?

Foster Relationships Using Social Media Marketing 

Without a doubt, social media is the safe haven of marketing. People belonging from different demographics (18-65+) are all using social media platforms on a regular basis. Places such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn have become excellent platforms for sharing a variety of different content. If there?s one industry which has made quite a great deal of profit out of social media, then it?s none other but e-commerce. Ask any e-commerce vendor and they will let you in on the advantages of using social media as a marketing platform. 

Do you know 54% of the audience first research the product on social media before making a buying decision? You don?t want to miss out on free advertising which you get through social media profiles now, do you? Just find out what content will resonate, and start crafting. 

Invest more in digital advertising through paid platforms like Facebook & Instagram. 

Before you know it, customers will start walking into your store and buy your products/services. 

Let?s not Forget Retargeting or Remarketing 

How many times have we found ourselves searching something on Google and then we start seeing their ads appear in several other places on the Internet? This usually happens because marketers use trained pixels and cookies to track your performance. Once they know what you?re searching for, these algorithms start displaying relevant ads in places to help you in quickly making a buying decision. 

It increases 70% of chances for buyers to make a purchase. 

People who have already visited your website start seeing your website ads appear in different locations throughout the Internet. It compels them to head back to your platform and buy the item from you. 

Marketers believe retargeting is an effective way to make sure you don?t miss out on sales. 

Concluding Thoughts 

So these are just the four digital marketing strategies which are widely followed by brands all over the world. If your business is running short on profit or you?re struggling with displaying your brand values in front of your target audience, then here are some ways how you can polish up on your marketing. Are there any other marketing strategies which you?re currently implementing to ensure your digital success??

Let us know by sharing your feedback.

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