Scope of digital marketing in 2020

    digital marketing scope
    Scope of Digital Marketing

    Although digital marketing was introduced in India in the 1990s, 2015 was the year it showed rapid growth and according to a report from Forbes digital marketing has high demand in the coming years.

    The reason why digital marketing is so much in demand is with the increasing number of internet users, the world has become digital, we started from 2g and in the coming years they are introducing 5g as the internet users increase the graph is always upwards when comes to digital marketing.

    Digital marketing is not just meant for a particular field. It can be learned and implemented in any field and by anyone who is having the right skill set. Taking the example of the pandemic situation of COVID-19 which the whole world is suffering, suddenly everything has become virtual now imagine the loss that the marketing and the advertising companies would have gone through without digital marketing. To promote their products and to reach the right audience they have to use this platform and not the old traditional approach

    One of the important skills of digital marketing is SEO (search engine optimization). In this booming world of the internet, every information is at the fingertips. Now imagine if your website or blog is on the top of the search results in Google how much recognition you would get worldwide. To make your website or blog in top search results is nothing but SEO.

    Example: If someone wants to do a renovation for their home and is looking for home d?cor he would not go to shops one by one in the market rather he would do research on the internet first and then visit the best shop. Now that the d?cor company knows how to renovate, he has the best furniture and interior but he doesn’t know how to market himself, that time you come into the picture with the skill set of SEO and digital marketing and make a deal with him.

    You can get many clients this way because be it a small scale or big scale business everyone wants to promote their products and reach the right audience and you can be the mediator for that.

    Some of the career opportunities in digital marketing include:

    Professional blogger:

    If you are interested in writing you can become a blogger but just writing the content is enough as there would be thousands of bloggers writing the content on the same topic so your content has to be unique and must attract the users. With hard work and practice, one can achieve this.

    Earn from AdSense and social media marketing:

    Once you create your website and have good traffic on it, you can advertise some of the brands on your website and earn a good amount of money and if you become famous brands themselves will approach you to advertise their products. You can also advertise on social media and earn

    Become a YouTuber:

    everyone loves videos when compared to normal text and nowadays everyone is having their channel on YouTube, you can also choose a particular topic, create content and share your views or educate people on that. By YouTube monetization also you can earn a good amount. You can also become a full-time YouTuber.

    Begin with freelancing:

    If you are new to digital marketing or don’t want to leave your job for any financial issue or other reason you can become a freelancer and work part-time according to your convenience. This way you can increase your income and practice digital marketing.

    Start your own business:

    In case if you are capable of managing a company and always dreamt of becoming a businessman or businesswoman this would be the right time. You can sit with your team, create a website, and strategize the traffic and promote your products.

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