Digital Business Cards: Digitizing Connectivity

Digital Business Cards Online

Each day is bringing in new innovations that are leading to a new world of technologies. Digital Business Cards Online is one of the great examples of these new changes in this world of innovations.

The time has evolved from simple introductions to paper business cards, to now, digital business cards in this digital era. In the age of constant innovations taking place, the pandemic somewhere played a crucial role in connecting people across the globe online.

When it was difficult to have a one-on-one meeting, Google Meet and Zoom Calls came in help to get the business world going. But at that age, showcasing a paper business card from one end of the screen. Or either introducing oneself in the summits, seminars, events, introducing oneself, and repeating the same lines were highly unobliging. 

To fill the gap of introducing yourself, again and again. There is an invention namely, the ‚ÄúDigital Business Card” where one doesn’t have to give an introduction repeatedly, just share the digital business cards and connect with people digitally.

Digital Business Cards Online

For all the business people out there, here’s your helpful guide on Digital Business Cards:

What is a Digital Business Card?   

To save your time in this fast-moving world that works on technology, a digital business card is one such weapon that is used to give a global introduction without uttering a single word.

Different from a paper visiting card that has been shared at the time of meeting someone business alike. Paper visiting cards in this age of digitization, somewhere are lacking behind. People no longer use paper visiting cards to exchange information. Such cards started to fade away when the place keeping them in a visiting card book changed to the desk drawer.

The new era of the digital world now works on sharing information online. Connecting to people socially, or on digital platforms requires a digital presentation. And to replace the old ways of exchanging paper visiting cards, digital business cards have started a new trend when meeting someone online for the first time.

How can they be useful?   

For various reasons, a digital business card can be truly useful in place of paper visiting cards.

  • Convenient to carry: A digital business card is convenient to carry. As long as you are carrying your mobile phone or are in reach of using any other electronic device. Without forgetting, you can always carry your business card with you.
  • Never goes to waste: In the case of paper visiting cards, a person can throw away your card or can place it somewhere where it might be difficult to recall. However, digital business cards, which are shared online with as many people related to your field as you want. You will never be afraid of them forgetting your name or losing your number. The digital presence makes you appear on their list time and again.
  • Cost-efficient: With paper visiting cards, you can’t make changes anytime you want. Either you have to redesign them and then reprint them, or you have to wait for the bundle to get finished. However, with digital business cards, you can simply change any mistakes wherever you want. It doesn’t cost a single penny in changing the details or designs.
  • Contactless and countless sharing: As virtual meetings have become a part of our everyday lives. It is easier to share a digital business card online with zero physical contact and with as many people as wished. Sharing digital business cards online can be done through emails, social media, and text messages.

How to create a digital business card?   

After knowing how digital business cards are helpful, it is also important to know how to create one. Every digital business card makes a statement, as it’s a form of representing yourself without sharing actual words. At any cost, you can never afford to lose an important business-related person due to a messed-up business card.

It is essential to have a digital business card, and they are easy to create because they are created online.

Designing and creating a digital business card is a one-day deal. These cards are eco-friendly and you can create a digital business card on any electronic gadget. Unlike paper business cards, there are no limits to printing the business cards, just create them once and use them until further changes need to be made.

Now what to mention when creating a digital business card online:

  • Name and Job Title
  • Business Name and Logo
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Accounts For Your Brand
  • A Picture or Short Video

Make sure to use bright colors, eye-catching designs, and readable fonts.

Where and How to share? 

Lastly, it comes to the point of where to share and how to share it. There are many different ways to share, where and how, digital business cards online.

  • Share with a QR Code: Digitization is everywhere, and so is scanning QR codes. One of the best ways to share is by embedding the QR Code image in the background of a video meeting. So that people can scan at their convenience.
  • Share through text or email: The other way of sharing your digital business card online is by attaching it in the emails or by sharing them personally on social platforms with various people.
  • Post the link online: Lastly, you can also post the link of your digital business card online on social platforms. This will help in getting more connections digitally. 


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