Different Types of Outdoor Grills to Choose From

Throughout the world, there are multiple different types of barbeque grills, and more designs and varieties come out onto the markets every year. Some with improved functionality, others with innovative designs, sizes and styles.

With the overwhelming array of choices, when you are out and about looking for the best one to buy before the summer season hits, it could take you a while to decide. Let’s help you out. Below we have discussed a few of the different categories into which they fall. So, anyone, new or professional knows which one to get for their personal preference.

Different Categories of Outdoor BBQ Grills

As an Introduction, things you can group them into are the type of fuel you can use, such as gas grills, charcoal and wood-burning options. You can also find ones that are from different parts of the world such as Asian countries or South American designs.

outdoor gas grills

If you are looking to grill food on them, then you should choose the appropriate one that has the facilities for it. This will ensure the correct temperatures to cook on.

The Covered Designs

These are usually similar to the open grills however have a top or a cover that can be opened and closed to cover your nutriments while cooking. These are highly versatile as you can choose to use them in two different ways, to either smoke your food, and items such as fish can be smoked effectively using these.

Here you can find a great introduction on how to turn yours into a smoker which will result in a delicious smoky flavour of food. You can also indirectly trellis your food with these and anything from veal to think cut pork slices or meats such as ribs and chicken can be cooked on them.

An Open grill

One of the simpler designs is the open one and typically uses gas such as propane, wood and charcoal. When using the latter options of wood or coal, it is placed underneath the metal drum and your food is placed on top of it on a metal grate or even on its own depending on the way you want to prepare your items.

These are usually made in European countries as well as in South America and Asia. This is the best method for preparing food that requires high temperatures and direct heat such as steaks, kebabs, some types of fish and vegetables for instance: https://www.foodandwine.com/cooking-techniques/grilling/everything-you-need-know-about-open-fire-grilling

A Vessel

This could go by this name or any other you want to call it to describe the ceramic grate, thick wall and deeper bowl, which emits radiant heat to the walls of the bowl making it hotter and cooking your selection of items from all sides.

This is a great way to cook items such as bread or flatbreads like naans and also eggs if you prefer. You may have already seen it being used in many Asian restaurants and is similar to a spit BBQ. This option can be used for everything smoking, roasting and grilling.      

Outdoor Gas Grill

Perhaps the more common type is the gas BBQ used outdoors by many people in a domestic or commercial setting. The reason why they are so popular is perhaps that they are a compact and easy to control method of cooking.

You can adjust the heat on outdoor gas grills by using knobs provided on the design and offer excellent control with temperature settings and are also easier to clean and neater than most others. The gas you use is also a natural version such as propane, which does not hinder the stage of the food, unlike butane which can change the taste of the food to incorporate a gas-like taste in it.

Hence, the only other thing you will need to purchase is the fuel, and these tanks can easily be bought from hardware stores and shops. The majority of them also come with a cover so when you’re in the middle of your preparations you can close the lid so smoke does not come out and the heat is retained inside it.

These are usually made of porcelain material and also have elements of cast iron on them. Even though they may be slightly heavier than a simple griller, you can roll them away and place them underneath your shed when not in use.

Many people love the smells, and taste of a meal that has been barbequed. There is something different and homely about it, plus it is one of the most festive options for those who want to entertain guests or chef themselves a family meal on the weekend. It is also a great option for avoiding a mess in the kitchen if that’s anything to go for.

These days, having one of the above is a normal household addition and some people even dedicate entertainment areas just for this purpose. Who says the kitchen is the only place you can make some delicious arrays of meals? Take it outdoors.

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