The Andean Opal comes in the colors greenish blue, beige, pink or black. It has been used to activate the Crown Chakra and to bring rooting and center.

    It is a protector in the spiritual journey, it helps you to select correctly and it helps you to visit the places you want to go the most. It has also been used to induce the hypnotic state and allow divination.

    On a physical level it has been used to treat the heart, the thymus gland and to align the spine.


    It is in black or gray and full of iridescence inside. It stimulates activity and allows you to land. It can be used to search for visions, giving us an understanding of what we should have learned in the past, present and future. It facilitates the visions of the Third Eye.

    The presence of colored fire produced by the scattering of light from the small quartz spheres that are contained in the stone is a catalyst for internal knowledge, internal vision and internal reconciliation with information.

    It can be used to read the eyes, bringing the correct information about the person to whom this analysis is made.

    On a physical level it has been used to treat reproductive problems, depression, and digestion. It can also be used in the treatment of vision problems.


    It presents from blue-white to deep blue also in a new gelatinous blue that has recently been found in Canada.

    It can be used to stimulate communication skills and can help you express thoughts and information that you have not had the courage to express in the past. It gives you the courage to speak freely and recognize those with whom you can speak freely.

    It stimulates creativity and ingenuity to connect with another, giving you the knowledge of the best channels and ways to make an alliance with that person.

    Canadian Blue Opal has been used to enhance third eye vision and to bring insight into what is important and solutions to these issues.

    On a physical level it is used to balance metabolism, to assimilate iron and to treat fatigue and hair loss.


    They appear brown, sometimes with iridescence on the inside and others without it. It occurs in round or elliptical shaped stones that are made of iron and silicon. They have formed on Earth through a slow chemical growth process, usually accompanied by increased iron oxide content. This generates some stones with rings like those that a tree presents in its growth.

    Throughout geological time, after its formation, many of these stones have been partially dehydrated, resulting in the presence of cracked fissures within this iron stone; under rare and favorable conditions silicon solutions enter and solidify within these fissures, and in some cases, this material eventually becomes an Opal gem. These stones or Boulders form within favorable geological conditions in sand and clay strata and appear at different levels of these layers erratically, usually in the sand beds and located just above the clay layers. Opal Boulder Gems occur in rich colors of reds, blues, greens, violets, and milks.

    Some fine Opal Boulder gems do not have a full Opal face, but they do have a brilliant gem material intermixed with pieces of iron stone. When professionally polished, the mix of these two materials looks great.

    These Opals connect us to the stars, facilitating communication between the Earth plane and the people of the Stars who are in this world and in other worlds. This Opal allows you to stay here while you receive the elevated information.

    It also clarifies the shadow areas in the aura by stimulating the healing of those areas that have created these cavities and allowing you to understand what creates it and thus heals it. This Opal helps to heal at all levels and to activate healing energy.

    It clears the mind, gives emotional security, a feeling of well-being and spiritual progression towards the state of perfection.


    This Opal occurs from a clear gelatinous red to orange or red-pink tones.

    It has been used to stimulate, activate and cleanse the Root and Spleen chakras, allowing the person to focus and energize their activities. It promotes precision, effectiveness, practicality and stimulates clairaudience and clairvoyance.

    On a physical level it has been used to treat menopause, headaches, to stimulate the heart rhythm and relieve muscle aches or tensions. Also to treat colitis, rib flu, prostate problems and spinal disorders.


    This Opal does not contain Iridescent Light inside and can be presented in different colors. Dendritic formations are branch-like figures that look like moss or grass.

    It promotes both spiritual and physical growth and can be used to create organization in one’s life.

    On a physical level it facilitates the circulation of blood in the body and aligns the nervous system of the etheric body with the nervous system of the physical body. It can be used to treat bone and vein and artery problems.


    The Fire Opal ranges from red to orange and is full of iridescent light inside.

    Its energy fills you with mystery; it gives life spontaneity, progress and change. It allows you to look inside yourself and draw strength to be able to delve deeper into the esoteric; allowing you to reflect on many different facets of life and understand the foundations beyond life’s changing tides.

    Fire Opal can add brilliance and clarity to the intuitive and reflective process and can inspire emotions through the kaleidoscopic mysteries of life.

    This Opal helps you stay strong during high-stress situations and gives you extra energy when you feel exhausted or don’t give up anymore. It gives you hope in the future and Faith in yourself.

    It is a very good stone to stimulate the energy meridians, to stimulate circulation, to improve vision, to treat episemas and disorders of the central nervous system.


    It comes in yellow, gold-orange colors and contains no iridescent light inside.

    It allows you to define and refine those attitudes and beliefs that are limiting you.

    It can be used to activate the crown chakra and align the chakras in the etheric body. It helps you to remove the negativity of the chakras and to stimulate the root chakra, the spleen chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

    It is used to remove blockages within the nervous system and the circulatory system. It can also treat gastritis; remove kidney stones, calcium accumulations, and other abnormal growth problems in the body.

    Its energy is very good at eliminating infections when symptoms are hardly present. And it allows you to find out what has caused these infections, within you, the emotional, mental or spiritual root of this.

    He treats diseases with his elixir and visualizing that the stone enters the place of the disease and heals it.

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