Color Advice Tips: 4 Different Light

Choosing new colors for your interior is not an easy job, but it is fun. With a few handy tips, selecting a color becomes a little easier. I want to share tips with you so that you can choose your colors with pleasure.

  •  It is essential never to choose a color from a picture, to choose a color in the right environment, and to always view your color next to other materials. The next step is to see the colors in a different light.
  • I took the photos below on a day when the sun and clouds alternated at a rapid pace; you can see this by the hardness of the shadows under the color swatches and the pen. You can see that the light has a significant influence on how the colors come across. This has to do with the colors that are present in the sun and are therefore reflected by the color swatch that you are viewing.
  • When you choose a color for your home, view it at different times of the day and under different circumstances: By morning light, midday light, evening light, and artificial light. On cloudy days and sunny days. Of course, you can’t take a week for this and sit on a stool in front of it, waiting for all the circumstances to pass. Hang the color (s) in different places in the room with the help of a piece of painters tape and watch it occasionally.

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Color Advice Tips : 3 in Addition To Other Materials

  • Are you out of what color you want on your wall after you have seen it in real life ( never choose a color from a picture ) and have you also viewed the color in the right environment, then it’s time to judge how your color it does in addition to the other colors and materials that will become the future neighbors of the new color.
  • As can be seen below, a color next to another color can suddenly appear completely different. This has to do with all the different color tones that together form the shade. In the case of the example below, on two photos, the green colors stand out very much, and the one picture the blue color. (The three photos were photographed in the same light and almost with the same settings.)
  • Especially with grays and whites, this is something to pay attention to. Grays often tend to turn purple, green, blue, or brown alongside a “wrong neighbor,” and white can go in all directions. In the worst-case scenario, your freshly painted white wall will be smudgy-yellow-green next to your expensive couch or next to a specially ordered wallpaper.

Color Advice Tips: 2 Right Environment

  • How a color comes across to you is highly dependent on the space in which you view it. The light in a paint specialist shop or the hardware store differs from that in your own home. The area will probably totally vary in size from your private living room and give you a completely different feeling. There will be completely different furniture or products in the room that may evoke a different mood in you. And the colors used in the environment can influence how the color comes across to you.
  • Hang the color swatch with tape at eye level where you want to apply it. When you look at the color flat on the table, the light can fall on it very differently, making it look different from how it will look on your wall. Then take a few steps away so that you can better assess the color. You are now in the right environment, with the right light, with the right stuff around you and perhaps also with the right “neighbor colors” next to the new color that you want to choose. That way, you can judge much better whether this is the color you are looking for in that space.

Color Advice Tips: 1 of A Picture

  • Have you found a beautiful photo on the internet that contains precisely the color that you want, the color code of which you have already been able to retrieve? Do not let them mix indiscriminately at the paint specialist shop or hardware store. A color on a photo can differ a lot from what it looks like “in real life.”
  • Compare the color that you have found digitally on different screens, do you see the difference in color between the different displays? That’s right, and that’s why it’s never wise to choose a color from a picture or screen. The color differs per screen and print, depending on the settings of your screen or the printer.

Also, it depends on the circumstances under which the color is photographed, how you see it on your screen or print. In the following weeks, I will explain the things that influence how the color appears.

So first view the color that you have found on the picture “in real life.” 

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