Different Brands of refrigerators

Brands of refrigerators

Frigidaire refrigerators come in many diverse styles and colors. From solid black to chrome and traditional white, consumers can select from many eye-catching designs. Frigidaire offers some of the top rated refrigerators. Sizes range from 3 and 4 cubic foot compact refrigerators to full sized 28 cubic foot stand alone models. Units come in standard top freezer designs as well as French doors, counter depth, and side by side door models.

Frigidaire also offers a line of wine storage refrigerators. These come in a number of modern design options, each with a glass door for easy viewing. Some include can friendly shelves and Ready-Select controls.

Viking Refrigerators

Fred Carl, Junior is the mind responsible for the creation of the Viking Range Corporation. At the time, Carl was a fourth generation building contractor that had his sights set on creating the first commercial range intended for household use. The concept was formed as Carl noticed the growing popularity of ranges in homes throughout the 1970s.

Maytag Refrigerators

Maytag refrigerators come with a wide array of options and configurations, from French Door Bottom Freezer style, to the more standard top freezer style.  Maytag has options available for all tastes. Their bottom freezer configuration allows for more fresh food at eye level, and allows for more easy access to the foods and beverages that you use on a daily basis.

Sub Zero Refrigerators

The roots of Sub Zero refrigerators go all the way back to Madison, Wisconsin in 1943. At the time, Westye F. Bakke had just constructed the very first freestanding freezer appliance. He completed the entire project in the basement of his home in Madison.  Bakke wasn?t just innovative, he was also an intelligent business man. As World War II ended, Bakke was able to determine the upcoming trend in the refrigerator industry. Two years later, Bakke founded the Sub Zero Freezer Company.

During the 1950s, Sub Zero brought about another development in the world of household appliances. The company produced the very first built in refrigerator.? This unit was responsible for changing the way kitchens were designed. Even years after the company first came to be, it was still surging forward through technology and customer focused refrigerator designs.

Sub Zero has very modest beginnings, with the company?s first location being inside a two car garage. The company continued to thrive in the decades that followed. Today, Sub Zero enjoys recognition as the top premium built in domestic refrigerator manufacturer. It is quite an enormous jump from the 1940s, when Sub Zero was taking its first steps.

Although the catalog has expanded since then, Sub Zero still produces top of the line built in and freestanding refrigerators. Many of these feature a sleek chrome casing, with unique models that offer clear glass doors, something not often seen in a domestic kitchen. The company?s newer additions include under the counter refrigerators and wine coolers. Each model features the rich design and stunning appearance that consumers have come to expect from Sub Zero appliances.

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