Developing a website for Home Contractors? Don’t Forget The 5 New Web Design Trends 2020

Are you building a site for your home contracting business? Good to find that you are moving your business online and planning to implement digital marketing strategies.

Developing a website is challenging. Here you need to take care of multiple elements that are essential for building a site for contractors. For example, visual elements, house designs, construction process, virtual tours, registration form, listings, testimonials, and so on.

Besides these, you should also ensure the design you are planning is up to the mark. It should follow the latest marketing trend, making the site more competitive for marketers.

Marketing for home contractors starts with creating websites. But is your site trending? Here we have listed down the new trending website design options that you must consider before developing your site.

5 New website design trends to follow for home contractors

  1. Oversized elements: In order to attract the viewers and convince them to navigate the web pages, websites need oversized elements especially when you are designing the title or headlines. Bold, highlighted, and large typography makes it easier to recognize and easy to memorize.

    Use enlarge elements in your drop-down menus, images, headlines, video caption, and many more. Make sure they look eye-catching on every screen size. The magnitude of these enlarged elements should depend on the size of the screen and the features you implement.
     Use this trend on your website and seek the attention of the audience.
  2. Solid color sparks: Gone are the days when you used to look for different gradient shades to color your site. Today, solid colors are much more popular. Though being simple, they provide an iconic and attractive vibe.

    Nothing can be more professional than using solid colors on your website. Black and white combination is quite popular nowadays. However, we won’t suggest you choose this shade for your home contracting website.

    Contracting websites must look enticing, beautiful, and rich with colors. Therefore, choose the colors that amplify the appearance of your site and carry your brand image. You can even create a match based on your brand logo.
  3. Whitespace is essential: Whitespace or negative space is trending nowadays. Well, that doesn’t mean you should leave space without providing the necessary information about your brand.

    Design your site in such a way that you can balance both your whitespace and content equally. Try to input some whitespaces between the visual elements, two columns, margins, paragraphs, and other design elements. A well-balanced spacious website looks beautiful and professional. 
     Make sure the whitespace doesn’t look empty. You can even add some call-to-action to convert your visitors into potential customers.
  4. Tailored illustrations: Home contracting websites must contain tailored illustrations. This magnifies the website content and exaggerates the brand identity. No matter how good your content is, you must not avoid images and other visual elements that can support your content.
     Studies have proved that the maximum audience prefers to get attached with the visuals. From vector arts to illustrations, high-quality images have high potential to bring engagement. Use an image that is relevant to the brand and its products.
  5. Full-screen registration forms: A website for home contractors must contain a separate section for registration forms. Designing a form makes the registration process easier. But for this, the form should be easy to read, simple, and easy to access.

    Full-screen registration forms allow users to fill the form with convenience. This turns the tedious job into an exciting one. Expanding the form size enhances the font size, typography, and overall appearance, making it look bigger and brighter.

    People usually avoid filling up forms that have smaller fonts. However, such a scenario never happens when your registration form is occupying the entire room.


Marketing your home contracting business online is an innovative way to progress your business. And the website design plays a significant role in this.

Proper website design has the potential to drive plenty of visitors to the site, hold them back, and turn them into potential customers. It can build engagement, create brand credibility, improve user experience, and boost website performance ranking it at the top of SERPs.

What else do you need?

Look out for a website design and development agency followed by a digital marketing services agency to market your business online.

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