Key challenges & factors to consider in developing an on-demand app for taxi business

On-demand services came to the market a decade back to cater to the needs of the customers instantly. Now, it has grown enormously, and its annual revenue is increasing year by year. Uber was the first service to enter the on-demand market. They provided taxi services and are still one of the significant players in the on-demand industry. In addition to Uber, many apps were launched in the market, and most of them became a success. The main element behind their success was the Uber Clone app they had launched for their venture.

What are the key factors that made Uber-like apps successful?

These clone apps have a long list of leverages that made it successful in the on-demand market.


The key to an optimized app is the convenience the user, delivery agent, or the administrator feel when they navigate through the app. It should have a user-friendly UI, and the user should not spend much time searching for relevant options. Follow up on customer’s suggestions and feedback to improve the convenience factor.

Cost-effective solution

Since the entire process is carried out via the app, the manpower required to manage the process will be reduced. The app will have different panels for the user, delivery executive, and the administrator. The administrator will find it easy to view all data and supervise the process using the app.

Immediate service

With an online app, you will not miss out on any requests that the users place. The app will have built-in algorithms to assign a delivery executive to a user, calculate the fare, and more. So, you will not miss out on a user. Since the nearest delivery executive is assigned, service will reach the user in a few minutes. This is another essential factor that made Uber successful.

Reduced development cost and time

The cost required to develop an app will be reduced by 75% if you go with the clone apps. As it is a readymade solution, not much time will be required to develop and launch the app. Once the business requirements are known, the app can be developed and customized accordingly. The resources involved will also become less in the case of a clone app.

There are many companies who launched their on-demand app in the industry for repair services, car washing services, testing services, and more. When launching an online app, there are a few hurdles that entrepreneurs face. They are listed below:

On-demand app development

App development is the most important phase as only an efficient and user-friendly app will help them reach customers. So, they have to put a lot of effort into developing an app. The apt app development company should be chosen, and you have to explain your requirements clearly. Carry out research on the on-demand market and then decide on the features to be included in the app.

You have to include separate panels for the user, administrator, and the delivery executive. Options should vary from one panel to another based on the role. The administrator should have a web panel using which they can handle the process smoothly and monitor it. Make sure robust frameworks are included in the app to increase the user experience.

Instead of approaching the development from scratch, a ready-made app solution like a white-label Uber clone app can be deployed. It comes with a complete set of ready-made features and functionalities.

Choose the right model

The online on-demand apps can be based on any one of the business models. Ensure that the model you choose is efficient and scalable. Since the app is the major source of your revenue, you have to develop and launch an app that works without any glitches.

Technology stack

You have to go with the latest technology in order to develop an app with highly responsive UI. For the front end and the back end, programming languages that are in trend such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc. can be used. The developer team should be highly trained and skilled in the area. Include several search filters to help the customer find the right product they want.

Extend your business slowly

Initially, when you launch an on-demand service, do not set it up on a large scale. Cover a particular geographical region and know the interest of the audience based on which you can carry out your marketing strategies. Once you establish your brand in the market, you can extend your business to other regions.


The on-demand market is growing day by day, and many entrepreneurs are entering the industry with their service. In order to compete with the other players in the market, you need to stay unique and work towards customer satisfaction. An app is a productive tool that will help you reach the customer and yield a profit.

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