5 Fun Ways To Design Your Child’s Spaces

modern kids furniture

Your child’s room or the playroom may be the most difficult for you to decorate and design out of all the spaces in your house. You want it to be functional and be a space where your loved ones feel comfortable, but it should also be cute and attractive. In the end, it is best to have a space that your child is able to grow in the way he or she wants to and feel free to explore. You can read five tips in the list below that are sure to help you create this fun space that you and your child both want in your home.

1. Make Play a Priority

Do not get so focused on the design of your child’s room that you forget about their love of play at a young age. You can get a toy bin, for instance, that matches the color scheme or patterns that you are already using in your child’s room. Add in an art gallery that showcases your child’s artistic side if he or she enjoys playing by painting or coloring, for instance. Even when looking at furniture, you can find options such as a bunk bed that has a slide or a bed that has the shape of a tent.

2. Keep Furniture Minimalistic

Speaking of the furniture in your child’s room, it is important to keep it minimalistic and modern. You want it to be fun for your child, but it should enhance what they enjoy doing, and the focus should not be on the beauty of the furniture, but the fun of the room. Look for modern kids furniture that may be wooden or metal, for instance, and has a simple frame such as a house frame. When looking at a dresser, look at one with multiple purposes, such as one that has space for toys or baskets on top.

3. Use Space Wisely

Your child’s room may be one of the smaller ones in your home, especially if he or she is younger. Consider using a loft bed or a bunk bed that has space underneath for a desk or for a play station of some form. If you have space in the window sill, you can put up some pillows and a bookend to create a little reading nook. If you do not have a bunk bed or loft bed, you can find options with built-in storage too, and do not be afraid to hang hooks throughout the room for dress-up outfits, for instance.

4. Color is Important

You probably love a simple design throughout your home that utilizes neutral colors. Though you can still use neutrals as a base layer in your child’s room, bring in some color too. Instead of painting the room, you can put in accessories such as a brightly colored chair or shelving that is of your child’s favorite color. IF you really want to get creative, go for a color scheme in the accessories that follows the many colors that are in the rainbow.

5. Add Patterns

If you are not ready to fully commit to these bright colors, go for patterns instead. You can add stick-ons to the wall, for instance, that will look like stars or polka-dots if you want to go for a golden and black color scheme. Enhance this pattern by using plenty of layers, including banners hanging across a section of the room and fluffy rugs in the middle. This is a great way to still bring the fun to your child’s room without having to go overboard with an outrageous color scheme.

Final Thoughts

Your child’s room should be a fun place that your loved one can escape to, play in, and relax when the time is right. By integrating the decor options above, you can make this a fun and integrative space for your kid that he or she is sure to love. Add in colors or patterns if you so choose, or choose decor options that look like what you would find in a playroom. This comes with choosing multifunctional furniture if you so desire, as well as integrating smart storage solutions if the space is very small.


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