Design Your Kitchen More Efficiently With Granite Worktops In Luton

When it comes to implementing your imagination about your dream kitchen worktop, then many things need to be kept in mind, i.e. quality, design, colour, the theme of your kitchen, etc. This process takes a short time, but the Slabs and Stones Ltd Company based in Luton helps you enforce your ideas even more efficiently.

If you are always keen on designing your kitchen after some time according to your taste for the sake of comfort or to enhance the artistry of your kitchen, then you are in the safest place. Slabs and Stones Ltd provides kitchen worktops in Luton, UK, which are enough not only to satisfy your idea of a perfect worktop but help you to work in your kitchen with peace of mind because the kitchen is an area where neatness is a necessity.

Why Are Granite Worktops Preferred Around The Globe?

Granite is a natural stone with a small quantity of Quartz, and granite worktops are strong and long-lasting, as buyer?s reviews prove it. It is just about measuring the size of the shelf and getting yours fitted the same day. Granite worktops come with a guarantee of 10 years and a lifetime warranty, giving a posh look to your kitchen and adding charm. Work surfaces of Granite are of high quality, which will not leave you until you, yourself, get bored of them and plan to design a new one because they are durable enough. These worktops can literally last for decades and are greatly beneficial as well.

People also fall for granite worktops as they are usually cheaper than quartz surfaces, plus they have a chic appearance. They are very captivating visually.

Benefits Of Granite Worktops

  1. Granite worktops are budget-friendly, which is why they are preferred by most people worldwide. Many individuals cannot afford expensive countertops for their kitchens and look for a reasonable option. Granite worktops are considered by middle-class people more often to give a swish ambiance to their kitchen.
  2. Quartz surfaces are also selected but are not as cost-effective as these.
  3. Granite worktops are also incombustible, meaning that if they have contact with even high flame, they won?t melt, demonstrating their excellent qualities and showing the prime materials used in their making.
  4. These worktops will not proclaim any marks of desecration when exposed to fire, which is one reason why granite worktops in Luton are found in almost every house for safety.
  5. Durability is a huge, solid motive worktops made from granite that can be used in kitchens. They can be dragged out for a long haul without even being damaged.
  6. Moreover, these countertops are renowned as they are stain-resistant. If you have a granite worktop fixed in your kitchen, then discoloration is not a hitch because, surprisingly, they do not suck up liquids. For more protection, you may employ a professional to seal it correctly to avoid coincidental spills on the granite shelf.
  7. One of the finest reasons to plump for a granite countertop is its quality to hold out against scratches. Granite is the second hardest medium in the world. You should still use cutting boards for slicing or chopping fruits or vegetables since sharp-edged knives may damage your granite worktop.
  8. There are several unique styles of Granite worktops in Luton from which you can choose according to personal choice. It depends on you, for they come in different colors and patterns, but you should select a piece that reflects decency and elegance. Each slab of granite is a blend of different shades and has unmatched patterns with swirls of nudes which add an extraordinary finish to the overall look of your kitchen.
  9. It is effortless to restore these countertops even if they crack or break when you put a heavy load on them. Also, if you want to avoid mending them each time, you should seal them regularly.
  10. It is easy to maintain hygiene in the kitchen when you have granite worktops because they do not absorb substances; besides, you can clean them right after working on them. Hygiene is essential, so you better choose these worktops to prevent germs from polluting your kitchen or foods.
  11. When you hear the word ?granite?, black and grey may come to your mind. But there is a huge variety of colors available in granite material. The most common granite colours are pink and white, with traces of black and grey and blue. So you have a range of unique colors from which you can choose to make your kitchen look exquisite and graceful.

Cons Of Granite Countertops:

  1. Worktops made from granite crack quickly or even break when you make them bear hefty materials. Their durability depends on your ways of care. You may want to avoid getting them fixed after a couple of weeks and get irritated, so you better choose an expensive slab of quartz.
  2. The granite surface is cold to lean on as they do not mop up the heat. This is a common complaint natural stones have to cope with.
  3. Granite countertops can be porous; in simpler words, they may absorb any liquid. You will always have to seal them or even hire a person who can change the seal regularly.


Slab and Stones Ltd company provides you with the best quality granite worktops in Luton, which guarantee grandeur, durability, trouble-free perseverance, and enduring color. These are more than enough to give a revitalizing and vogue appearance to your kitchen.

These kitchen worktops are designed in such a way that they give glamorous vibes and are in fashion as well. Granite worktops are economical and stylish. People usually prefer them when they want to provide a luxurious look to their kitchen. All in all, granite is a perfect choice for your kitchen worktops.

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