10 Solid Online Marketing Ideas for Dentists

dental marketing ideas

Private dentists need at least 20 new patients every week to improve their business. The challenge is that traditional dental marketing aren’t going to have an edge anymore. In 2018, the number of people seeking dental services online was between 72 to 97%. The dawn of digital dental marketing in London is here.

10 Best Dental Marketing strategies to improve online dentistry

You will need new ideas to push up your dental practice online because the traditional method is fast fading. We’ve discovered how you can generate traffic for your dental website. As you read on, you’ll better understand top online ideas for dental patients and how to implement them.

Should you need more help, contact our professionals to get the best of online marketing results for dentists

  1. Enhance and Maximise Your Google My Business Page: Among our collection of innovative marketing ideas for dentists is this small yet impactful idea called enhancing your Google My Business (GMB) page. This strategy has an immediate effect in boosting your dental business but it’s not enough. Did you know that the map of local listings generated by Google when you make a location-based search is called Google’s Local Pack? And that the information is gathered from several local GMB pages? This Local Pack is responsible for 44% of clicks online by itself basically with traffic to the business name and website link.

Here’s how to enhance your GMB page:

  • Fill out your business category (e.g. dentist or dental clinic, etc.)
  • Fill out your main phone number
  • Fill out your hours of operation
  • Fill out your business address
  • Fill out your business description
  • Fill out your review section

2.  Touch up your website: Since your patients will be meeting you online, your webpage becomes your office! It will be judged based on its appearance and function. Did you know that 48% of online users attribute business credibility to its website’s design? Here are a few ideas to up your game and have a less boring website:

  • Online bill pay
  • Online scheduling
  • Profile for each dentist
  • Intriguing content
  • Generous supply of videos
  • Messaging capabilities for fast communication between patients and dentists
  • Online prescription renewal

To create an appealing website, you’ll need in addition to the above:

  • A website speed under 3 seconds
  • A secure site for data protection
  • A mobile-friendly website that can accommodate about 82% of smartphone users searching for local treatment
  • AnSEO-coded website for easy interfacing with search engine software

3.  Create a dental blog: Providing articles that answers to common and relevant dental issues generates website traffic that can develop into new patients. The number of patients searching for websites to find solution to health queries have increased above 100% in the past 2 years.

Some ideas for creating dental blog topics include:

  • Correct a wrong assumption – The impression that if you’re not in pain, you don’t need a dentist, is one you can expand into topics for your blog
  • Choose a trend – Take up a current trend in dentistry and discuss it extensively
  • Advocate healthy lifestyle – Discuss easy ways to be healthy like brushing and flossing but go beyond to teach healthy living

4.  Boost your blog posts and dental website pages for SEO: SEO means search engine optimisation. It involves editing the content and code of your website such that search engines can comprehend it better and give your web pages a higher ranking in the search results online. SEO interfaces the complex algorithm on Google search result rankings for better understanding, categorising, and ranking. To get the best out of this, you need:

  • A mobile-friendly website
  • Website speed within 3 seconds
  • A secure website (HTTPS vs HTTP)
  • Social media presence
  • Webpages of quality content
  • Images with completed alt-tags
  • So many backlinks from authoritative websites
  • Dental schema on every website page

5.  Create thought-provoking posts and images on social media: Why is this so important? People share things for important reasons which include to create value, define personality, sustain relationships, self-fulfilment, and advertising. Check out these simple ideas for dental posts on social media:

  • Build simple infographics– Words plus pictures are innovative, fun, and convincing to potential patients
  • Tell people of the dental benefits they’re paying for but not enjoying – Above 25% of persons with dental insurance cover do not enjoy full benefits. You should let them know this
  • Display before and afters– When people look at ‘before’ pictures of dental issues similar to theirs and the ‘after’ result of treatment, they’ll be spurred to take action.

For more ideas, visit the following dental social media pages:

  • Wimpole Dental
  • Dentists Near Me
  • Camden High Street Dental Practice
  • London Teeth Whitening

6. Create dental videos and invest in video marketing: Now more than ever, online search results rank higher for videos than text pages. Videos seem to be more compelling! As a dentist, using video to illustrate what you do is a great way to get online patients. Take advantage of these few dental videos:

  • Website welcome videos – Your patients need a warm welcome to your ‘online office’. Giving a good welcome speech about your personality and services will tell your patients a lot about you
  • Physician profile videos – A profile of yourself creates trust and confidence in the heart of your patients
  • Patients review videos – Reviews are like recommendations. Your new patients need to know how your existing patients rate your services.
  • Procedure and treatment overviews – A summary of dental treatment and procedures will give insight to what your patients should expect when they use your services
  • Educational videos on FAQs or dental conditions – This is indispensable. Satisfy your patients’ curiosity with answers to their queries. Videos on simple topics like how to brush and floss the teeth can go a long way to inform people on their oral hygiene

7.  Appear in relevant dental directories: Everybody wants to remove bad decisions from their daily lives. It’s now possible with the help of search engines and the internet. Now that consumers are largely researched-obsessed, in terms of reviews and online rating, taking advantage of relevant listing aside Yelp and GMB page can grow your dental business. Get listed on websites like:

  • The Dentist Hub
  • ZocDoc
  • ADA (American Dental Association)
  • Every Dentist
  • Smile Guide, etc

You can get this done with the help of a good dental marketing agency.

8.  Remove pay per click (PPC) ads for your highest-converting dental keywords: About 44% of people don’t visit the dentist because they say it’s very expensive. To avoid this, remove pay per click search ads and advertise specials and prices

But how do PPC ads work?

  • You select keywords for your ads
  • Someone searches for your ads
  • Your ads show up at the top of the search engine result page
  • When a person clicks on your ad, you pay some money

So, by displaying your price beforehand and labelling it as special, you’ll be taking away one of the biggest challenges of consumers.

Seek professional help if you decide to remove PPC ads. It’s not as easy as Google makes it look.

9.  Request more and all of the reviews from dental patients: Review is one thing you’ll need regularly. 72% of patients take reviews seriously when searching for a new dental care provider yet, 88% rely on reviews just like recommendation from family or friends.

You need reviews on:

  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Important dentist directories

Here’s how to get reviews from patients:

  • Ask them to do a quick video testimonial after an appointment
  • Ask them on Facebook and email
  • Ask them always

10.  Employ email marketing to remain relevant to patients: Dental marketing with a touch of email element is powerful! 66% of people check their mailbox in the morning. Take advantage of this by greeting them, remind them of future appointments, give them dental health motivation, and tips to keep healthy white teeth. Did you know that about 90% of adults seek better email communication with their doctor? As a dentist, the same is required of you!

Some types of emails to send to dental patients include:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Recent dental news and experts commentary
  • Reviews on dental health products
  • Request a friend referral
  • Information about the latest technology in your office and its function
  • X-rays or cleaning reminders

The Time Is Right To Implement Your Dental Marketing Strategy

Implementing your online marketing strategy is not so easy. It requires time, commitment, and consistency. There has to be a perfect execution of all your innovative dental marketing ideas. Some dentists have the needed ideas but lack the time and skills to execute it smoothly.

Should you not have the time to do this, you have to appoint someone, preferably a professional, to do it for you. One of the best dental marketing companies like DubSEO can get you all prepped up and ready to hit the online community. If your present marketing company is not giving you the results then you should come with DubSEO ? Online dental marketing, it’s better to switch now than later. Contact us for more information.

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