What are the emerging technologies possessed by a dentist?

    dentist emerging technologies

    Medical science has witnessed a boost in technology advancement, and dentistry is no far from the trend. Dentist Epping professionals are embracing the influx of technology into their field and giving their patients their ?perfect smiles.?

    You no longer need to avoid your dental trip as with the onset of new technology, the orthodox methods of treatment have been tossed into the bin. The technology has made the dental checkup-procedure simpler and more convenient.

    So, let?s make you familiar with some dental innovations and equipment that have started making waves in the dental industry and that are a must-have for a dentist Epping, and to make sure that next time on your dental visit you do not fear a dentist.

    Laser Dentistry

    What are the emerging technologies possessed by a dentist?

    Also known as no-drill dentistry, laser technology?one of the leading dental trends has taken the field by storm. Integrating a powerful and safe laser has made the procedure painless and quick, requiring little to no anesthesia. Lasers also increase the efficiency of the dentist.

    A time-efficient technology, it allows operating multiple procedures for the patient in a single sitting, and thus relieves you from the hassle of scheduling appointments with a dentist Epping.

    Laser technology is also used, but not limited to various dental procedures such as: filling cavities, whitening teeth, reshaping gums, reducing tooth sensitivity, getting rid of tumors, and effectively eliminating any form of bacteria during a root canal. Also, patients lose far less blood than traditional procedures.

    Since laser dentistry involves the use of expensive and sophisticated technology, therefore dentists need to be first trained to handle the equipment.

    3-D printing technology

    The invention of 3-D printing has proved to be a game-changer for the dental industry. The dentists are now able to produce precise dental models?which was not possible manually earlier.

    However, the success of a 3-D printed dental model depends upon the material incorporated in the printer. For example, biomaterials are being increasingly used to print final, organic prostheses. These are more compatible and easily accepted by a patient?s body.

    Therefore, the technology has immense potential to create human tissue through this in the dental industry.

    In addition to creating orthodontic models, the3-D printer can also be used to print crown and bridge models.

    Digital dentures

    You already know what a tiresome process it is for the elderly who have to schedule appointments and make multiple visits to the dentist to get their perfect dentures. Well, thanks to the digitalization of the world. It?s time to upgrade your deteriorated wax or clay casts as digital dentures are here to offer you new technology, which creates precise dentures in just a few steps.

    The process uses a computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to produce dentures with ease. This technology allows dentists to fabricate a new pair of dentures using material discs to make prostheses. 

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and robot dentists

    What are the emerging technologies possessed by a dentist?

    Apple?s Siri and Amazon?s Alexa are a form of artificial intelligence, which has already made their presence felt in our homes. Now, AI has stepped into the dental market as well. AI, paired with robot dentists, can transform the way dentists work and patients receive treatment.

    AI is being increasingly employed to rapidly and efficiently diagnose dental issues using computers to read X-rays and scans. This would help to decrease the time spent by dentists on a single patient, and hence they would be able to attend to more patients in a day compared to before.

    Also, AI can scan and analyze a patient?s data to suggest treatment options according to their problems. It can help ensure that any planned medication or dental procedure doesn?t have any side effects on the patient?s other health issues.

    Robot dentists have been specifically designed to carry out accurate and precise dental surgery, especially for implant cases. However, they are now being modified into micro-robots to perform minimal dental work?including filling cavities, extracting and cleaning teeth, and cap applications.

    Intra-oral camera

    Do you feel uncomfortable and awkward posing in the dentist?s chair with your mouth open? Well, it?s time to bid goodbye to this discomfort. The intra-oral camera is here to do the deed, with utmost efficiency.

    The camera allows a dentist to have a clear view of the patient?s mouth without them getting even an inch close to your mouths, as the dentist is able to see the camera- produced images on a screen.

    Final Words

    Although some dental technologies are too advanced and expensive to have been adopted by a dentist Epping yet, they give an insight into the constantly evolving dentist industry.

    You no longer will have to go through the pain of drills, inconvenience of multiple visits, and risk of contamination. The present technologies can take all the pain away from you and offer relief sooner than ever.

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