A Definite Guide to Select Best Venue for Your Corporate Event

 In the corporate world, there have been drastic changes in recent times. Same way, the preferences for the corporate meetings as well as events have also changed. The rooms that were designed for business meetings have taken the back seat. For instance, gardens, restaurants, rooftops, hotels, etc. are favoured for meetings, conferences, corporate discussions, and other related events. The venues for business events are becoming creative, bold as well as flexible. 

Key Aspects to Keep in Mind While Choosing Corporate Event Venue

Securing the right venue is one of the crucial tasks as it impacts the success of a corporate event to a great extent. The venue helps to shape the experience of the attendees as well as house the other details of the event. Therefore, the venue needs to be aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and practical. Here are few tips from the reputed top event management companies in Dubai that you can follow while choosing the venue for your corporate event


The first and significant aspect is the cost as everything comes down to it. The venue would take up a substantial portion of the event budget. You would need to spare money for buying signage, food, supplies, and entertainment as well. In case you could be flexible with the event date, you could save on the cost of the venue of the event. Get the list of prices of venues for different times of the week, month as well as year. Planning would help you get an appropriate reservation rate. 

Capacity as well as Size

Each building has a limit of the number of people it could occupy at any time. Some of them might have limited rooms. Therefore, before you send an invitation for your event, it is crucial to ensure that the venue you select could accommodate the guest list comfortably.  

It is advised to consider the venue’s physical size along with the capacity. For this, ensure you ask certain questions like

  • How tight the seating would be?
  • Would guests be able to move through venue space freely?
  • Is the space comfortable and cosy?
  • Is the space spacious?

Remember that two venues having the same max capacity could feel different depending on the room layout. 


Location is a significant factor as it could impact who attends the event. In case the venue of your corporate event is too far or at an undesirable location, it might limit the number of attendees. The venue in the heart of the city would be accessible, however expensive. The location of your venue needs to be easy to find and not hard to reach. 

In case you wish to reduce the chances for attendees to be late, consider providing a mobile event app that is standard these days. With driving directions, GPS maps and parking information, the attendees would feel relieved. The events with posters, interactive indoor maps for exhibitions would help the attendees navigate conveniently. 

Acoustic & Sound

In case the sound in the venue is too loud or too low, the attendees would become bored as well as unengaged. No one wishes to shout over volume in order to chat with the other attendees or their friends. It is worth noting that the massive open spaces produce echoes and low ceilings intensify sound. Therefore, it is advised to find the venue having a good balance. Try testing it out in case you need to. 


Another key aspect that requires attention is parking. The attendees would need a space to park the car as no one would be willing to abandon the car on the street or pay a parking fee. Ensure the venue has enough parking space or make arrangements for parking even if you need to pay an additional fee. In case you have a large budget, consider providing valet service for the attendees of your event. Valets would ferry cars back as well as forth to the nearby lots. 


While finding the venue for the event planning process, you would wish to have an idea of the requirements of the team, the kind of activities you could include, amenities you would require. When you narrow down the choices, get a demonstrated floor plan for every venue and walk through the ones you like. This would help you make note of essential things like where outlets would be and where AV equipment could be located.  

The floor plan as well layout would impact the different aspects of the event like

  • Event Activities- In case you wish to have the keynote speakers at the event, you would require a stage or spot for placing a rented stage. Would there be a bar? Would you require the demo area?
  • Flow of Traffic- Consider the flow of traffic through the event. The type of flow you would wish would be different for every event. Which areas would get high traffic at the event? Auditorium doors? Registration? While choosing the venue, ensure you keep in mind how would you set up the décor and tables as both of these affect the look.


Accessibility means the possibility that every attendee, especially the ones with special needs could access the building as well as its amenities. For answering this question, you would need to understand who would be the attendees and what their needs would be. It is important to know if there would be children at the venue, however, you might not know whether there would be attendees with other needs. In such a situation, it is advised to review the events that your organisation hosted recently. 

Apart from these, do not forget to pay attention to technology. The technology requirements vary from event to event. Therefore, it is better to have an idea about the kinds of attractions you wish to host. Professional presenters require projection screens. Whereas some performers require a special lighting system. Ensure you consider all the needs as per your event’s theme in order to make your corporate event successful. In case you lack time or resources, you can hire a reputed event organizer to find the perfect venue and plan as well as execute the event.  

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