Do You Need a Defense Attorney In Singapore For a Civil Lawsuit?

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You probably have some understanding of what goes on in the criminal justice system, even if it’s only from watching movies. But the civil court system is hardly ever covered in the media or dramatized. We frequently overlook the fact that resolving civil disputes is one of the judicial system’s primary duties.

Litigation is the process through which a disagreement is resolved in court with a civil lawyer Singapore.

Did you know that every year in Singapore, there are many more civil law lawsuits than criminal law cases? An individual runs the danger of having a decision rendered against them whenever they are brought before a court as the defendant. This might result in jail time and penalties in criminal instances. The court’s ruling in a civil matter may order the defendant to pay the plaintiff money.

It is the defense attorney’s responsibility to represent the defendant in court in both civil and criminal matters. Some matters can be resolved outside of court or are straightforward enough for you to handle yourself if they’re minor enough. However, there are circumstances in which you’ll need to employ a defense lawyer for a civil lawsuit, for instance, something as simple as looking for a Singapore legal advice divorce.

Civil Law Vs Criminal Law:

Civil Law:

All legal matters that don’t involve crime or breaching the law fall under this area of law. In most cases, one party sues another because they believe they have been harmed and need to receive recompense. Civil law also includes contracts, property deals, divorces, child custody, and other situations where formal documentation is required to protect all parties.

Criminal Law:

Offenses that violate municipal, state, or federal laws fall under this legal category. Government-employed attorneys handle the prosecution; either a publicly appointed defender or a privately retained defense counsel that the defendant pays handles the defense. There are misdemeanors (minor offenses) and felonies in the criminal justice system (more serious crimes).

The wisest course of action is often to at least talk with an attorney if you find yourself dealing with the legal system for whatever reason; an honest lawyer will offer a free consultation. They will let you know if you need legal representation and either take your case or send you to the finest possible attorney to defend you. If the lawyer accepts your case, a rough estimate of the price will be given upfront.

Civil Litigation in Singapore

Civil litigation is any legal action that does not entail criminal accusations. When a plaintiff files a lawsuit against a defendant, civil litigation begins. Both the plaintiff and the defendant may be an individual, a company, or an organization of the government. The plaintiff often sues the defendant in civil lawsuits to recover damages.

In a civil lawsuit, the defendant has the right to legal representation throughout the whole process. But it’s crucial to understand that, unlike in criminal proceedings, you won’t get a free attorney if you can’t afford one. To avoid losing twice as much money, you should make sure to engage the best civil lawyer you can find if you find yourself the defendant in a civil action.

When to hire a civil lawyer in Singapore?

Litigators are a more common term for civil attorneys. These experts focus their expertise on civil disputes brought before civil courts, while they may also take part in arbitration and mediation procedures.

They could occur in:

  • Administrative institutions
  • Foreign courts
  • Federal tribunal
  • Federal court
  • Regional court

Most frequently, civil litigation belongs to one of the following legal disciplines:

  • House rules
  • Employers and workers
  • Antitrust
  • Environment legislation
  • Intangible assets
  • Product responsibility

There are various situations when you will require the knowledge of a civil attorney to prevail:

  • If you are being sued
  • When you want to file a lawsuit
  • When a specific property right, such as when purchasing or selling real estate, is at stake
  • When you wish to give someone else control of your property
  • When establishing a business
  • When you wish to divorce
  • When you wish to defend or uphold a legal right that you believe in

For each of them to be handled properly, a civil lawyer’s legal knowledge is required. However, you only require a defense lawyer if you are the accused in one of these cases. Contact a civil defense attorney in your region to discuss your case if you are being sued. A consultation should always be offered without charge.

The process of a civil lawsuit:

A private dispute between two persons results in a civil lawsuit. The conflict may include two individuals or two organizations. One party can hold another party accountable in court for an activity, typically an action that caused harm to the first party.

The criminal justice system of the government does not apply to civil litigation. Judges in civil courts are not given the same legal authority as judges in criminal courts.

Both judges have the authority to order someone to make restitution. Judges in a civil court often do not send defendants to jail, despite the fact that a judge in a criminal court may do so. Only those who are found in contempt of court or who defy a court order normally receive jail time during a civil lawsuit.

It might be seductive to think that you can represent yourself in a civil matter, especially if you are aware of your innocence. But sadly, the legal system is convoluted and hard to understand, which is why attorneys must through so much training and pass a challenging test to be licensed in their state of practice.

If the case cannot be resolved amicably, the plaintiff will file a civil suit. Although you might be able to navigate the initial lawsuit proceedings, such as being served papers and negotiations for settlement when the plaintiff will accept or reject what you offer to end this outside of court, if the case cannot be resolved amicably, you often need to be guided through the negotiations as well to ensure you are not cheated out of a lot of money.

How can a civil lawyer help you?

In these circumstances, civil attorneys play a crucial role. Their main responsibility is to acquire the information needed to tell your side of the story to the other side and, occasionally, the court. Because of their experience handling these situations, they uncover the evidence you would not even consider.

They want to demonstrate why the incident occurred to prevent it from happening again, not only to establish what occurred.

A civil attorney listens to your side of the story and how you want to present yourself to the adversary in addition to gathering facts. In this approach, civil attorneys provide more services than district attorneys or criminal attorneys. Instead of concentrating on meeting your needs, such lawyers seek to penalize misconduct.


Not every legal situation calls for the assistance of an attorney. Contesting a traffic ticket and starting a divorce or family court case are two examples.

However, you might not want to take the chances of doing it alone without the guidance of an expert lawyer who can assist you in many different circumstances involving a legal conflict, challenge, or settlement.

While competent legal counsel may not be inexpensive, it may save you from a variety of tricky circumstances, including a terrible divorce, a lost job, or a DUI offense.

In the end, a civil case seeks justice for you rather than merely punishing the other party.


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