Essential features to look for in a dedicated Web hosting package

Hosting solutions are not always the same since the types and providers greatly differ. When upgrading to a hosted server, it is essential to look for various features. Different web hosting packages provide different features and options owing to their vast characteristics. When we talk about the dedicated web hosting server, the host needs to watch out for a few options. Do you want to know what these options/features are? Great! You are at the right place. Keep reading this article to know!

Essential features of dedicated web hosting:

A dedicated web hosting package comes with numerous features, and the user needs to pick those which align. Not all the dedicated web hosting services are the same, and neither are the solutions (hosting solutions). It isn’t easy to know what features are important, so we are here to help you. Walk with us to know more!

1. Server configuration:

Server access or root access is what you should ask for before buying a dedicated web hosting package. It is a key feature that reflects your ability to control your server and configure it when needed. The biggest advantage of full access to the server is that you can make changes according to your needs.

A key prerequisite is the capacity to have full authority over your server with the goal that you can arrange it to address your issues. You may, for instance, need full root SSH/RDP root access. Are you looking for a professional Web hosting partner? You may join hands with web hosting UAE based companies for a dedicated web hosting package.

2. Control panel options:

Another key feature to look for is the control panel. Access to control panels makes it easier to make changes and manage your server according to your needs. Another key advantage of cPanel access is that you can control applications that you run on your server. Both Linux and Windows servers can benefit from cPanel access and WHM.

Control panels and WHM were designed for Linux servers only, but now Plesk serves Linux and Windows. Countless businesses opt for cPanel and Plesk access since they offer a wide range of built-in management tools.

3. Operating system options:

The freedom to choose your operating system comes only with dedicated web hosting. You can customize the OS features and applications according to your business needs. It is good practice to look for an operating system before buying the dedicated web hosting solutions package.

One of the components in picking a dedicated hosting package is having your own decision of operating system. The applications you need for your business may require a particular sort of working framework, like a Windows Server OS or one of the various Linux options. In certain conditions, the software you run may be viable with an inheritance OS rendition. Ensure that the provider you go with empowers you to run the OS you need.

4. Hardware choices:

Having a hardware setup to work with is essential. As dedicated servers can be costly, consistently search for a hosting supplier that offers many hardware choices. Like this, you get an equipment arrangement with the limit and execution abilities you need. You don’t need to pay for something undeniably more impressive than you need.

Before you buy the package, you need to consider various hardware options. Some of these options could be:

  • Size of RAM
  • Type of RAM (DDR3 or DDR4)
  • Hard drive storage capacity
  • Hard drive type ( HDD or SSD)
  • Bandwidth and RAID

5. Security features:

Security ought to be a certain factor while picking a dedicated hosting partner. You ought to consider everything from the area and physical security of the server to the scope of safety. The host should offer various security options and extra administration to keep your server from cyber-attacks. 

It would be best to search for advanced firewalls, interruption counteraction, web application security, DDoS insurance, and malware and virus anticipation. Moreover, they ought to likewise give SSL testaments, devoted IP locations, and spam separating. For secure web hosting solutions, consider connecting with Web hosting UAE based companies!

6. Server Management:

Server management is often considered a hectic process. While you buy a dedicated web hosting package, you can outsource your server management to your provider. It is necessary to ask for the facility/feature in advance. Assigning the task to your specialist co-op not just makes things simpler; it could likewise save you time over the long run.

Such assistance will incorporate things like OS updating, fixing, application establishment, and server checking. Server monitoring checks the well-being of your server and its ability to remain in top condition.

Host your applications with professional partners!

Web hosting brings numerous benefits for companies of all sizes. With high-performance, large storage solutions and access to various features, web hosting could turn things on for your business. Consider connecting with professional partners for your web hosting needs!

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