Decorating Home with Watercolor Prints!

Adorning walls with beautiful watercolor prints helps enhance the look of the room. When we talk about watercolors, we mean shades that give a mesmerizing effect with a relaxing texture to offer that tranquil feel with d�cor at home. Adding some trendy watercolor artworks into the home, it is easy to enliven the space gorgeously.

Your watercolor artwork can be a landscape one, an abstract print, a geometrical one, or a portrait watercolor art; they all give a mesmeric effect. To have that pleasant aesthetic, it is important to decide the d�cor statements and research well before finalizing the prints for the wall.

When complemented with adequate furnishings, watercolor paintings can bring you joy. Several online websites can also help you with adequate tips on enhancing d�cor statements with watercolor. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with some reliable websites like IndianArtIdeas, Fizdi, etc., and know more about watercolors and their adequate placements at home for the best look.

When we talk about an art form that can instantly catch anybody�s attention, it is undoubtedly artworks in watercolors. So, do you want to capture the attention of your guests? Check out some helpful tips to revitalize your home�s ambiance with watercolors:

Understand the Significance of Watercolor Art

To augment the home�s ambiance with watercolor artworks, it is important to understand the significance of the art medium. Watercolors are the painting medium with water that can create a beautiful print to instantly attract the viewer.

The best part about watercolors is that even if you get your painting customized, you can ask for necessary changes anytime. With watercolor art, there is no room for errors. So, when planning to have your home d�cor adorned in watercolors, learn all about watercolors and how they will bring a sophisticated and refined look to the room.

Watercolors bring in an artistic touch, so you can go for a watercolor gallery wall also to attract the viewer�s attention.

Selecting the Artwork�s Size and Location

After understanding the essence of watercolor paintings, it is easy to think of the size and adequate placement of the artwork. When you understand the objective and significance of a painting medium, it is easy to do justice to its placement and its adjacent d�cor.

Several watercolor artworks might look good in small prints while some look great in large prints. Consequently, decide your artwork�s perfect size. For making a gallery wall with watercolor art, you can go for smaller prints to hang multiple artworks at the same place.

For a gallery wall treatment, go for a 30 X 40 cm print. For a slightly wide format, get 45 X 60 cm prints to be hanged on the wall against the furniture. Go for a 60 X 80 cm dimension for greater prominence on the wall. Deciding these dimensions prior, it is easy to buy online without any threat of inadequate results later.

Decide the Color

The color of the interiors, as well as the painting, plays a significant role in embracing the look of a space. Imagine hanging a watercolor portrait painting in your living room with subtle rustic colored interiors. Wouldn�t it be an amazing d�cor statement?

Happily, this is why we emphasize deciding the color prior. Depending on your interiors, whether modern or traditional, think of the color of the painting that will best suit the ambiance. Pastel shades give warmth while vivid colors bring in luminosity, thus deciding the backdrop accordingly is essential.

You can also take advice from art curators while buying from online art galleries like IndianArtIdeas, Fizdi, etc. These websites can help you with expert advice on deciding the art�s color and theme and adjusting them according to your available home d�cor.


While decorating the home with watercolor paintings, it is essential to think of a theme too so that you do not end up buying something that is visual stress for the viewer.

Select a peaceful theme like- watercolor portrait painting, landscape theme, still life art, abstract art, or modern themed watercolor collection. The d�cor style is something that adds an artistic soul to the beauty of the home, thus choosing the adequate aesthetic is vital.

If you want a simple theme that fits in any interior, landscape watercolor prints are a great resource that can revitalize any room�s ambiance. Another peaceful theme is to have a still-life watercolor print that gives calmness and stability to space.

If you have a modern interior, abstract watercolor prints go well. Moreover, if you have a contemporary home, urban landscape art in watercolor can be the best theme.

So, what is your favorite?

Wrap Up:

Watercolors are famous for an uncomplicated and tranquil theme making them the favorite of art collectors and novice art buyers. A home is a place where we feel relaxed, which is why having calm paintings in watercolors at home in the living areas will always initiate peace and stability for the family.

To enhance the effect of every artwork, placing the same with adjacent d�cor statements is indispensable, so if you have less knowledge on art placement and ideas on understanding the effect of watercolor prints, we hope we were able to help you with great d�cor tips.

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