Six most Effective Tips to Decorate your Mailer Boxes

You can use mailer boxes for both retail and e-commerce purposes. There are six tips that you can use to make your mailer boxes decorative. These are the selection of best material, manufacturing styles of the boxes, coatings, colors, printing options and the addition of windows. Different companies are offering all these six best features for the boxes. The materials that they offered are Cardboard, cardstock, and corrugated. Furthermore, all the mentioned materials have the plus point and that is the adjustable thickness. Also, two manufacturing styles are used to give perfect assembling to these boxes. One is gluing and the other one is die-cut. 


The coatings have three further types of matte, gloss and UV spot that you can use for the Best Decorative Mailer Boxes. Additionally, CMYK and PMS are the two types of colors that are used to give a vibrant look to the boxes. Furthermore, you can avail of the printing options to personalize the boxes. You can use printing for titles, stickers, logos, and many other things. The windows come in die-cut and PVC styles for the Custom Decorative Mailer Boxes Wholesale.

As above mentioned, that different companies are offering these features. Also, they have designed different discount deals for their customers. furthermore, most of the boxes’ brands are giving the free delivery of these boxes for the ease of their respected customers.

The explanation of the features of the Decorative Mailer Boxes Wholesale is as follow:


Cardstock and cardboard materials come in point for their thickness. 


The most used one is 14 points as it gives this much grip to the material that it could give the ultimate safety to your product. Additionally, you can change the points according to the need of the product. Furthermore, the corrugated is a material that comes in flute for its thickness. The common flutes that are used for the Custom Decorative Mailer Boxes are the E and F flute. This material is mostly used for shipment purposes.

Types of Mailer Boxes:

There are four types of mailer boxes, front tuck end, front tuck end double-wall, telescopic, and the roll end front tuck box. all types of mailer boxes are designed in such a way that they would give the ultimate attractive look to your product with eventual protection of the product. Furthermore, you can use these boxes as mail purposes to send something to someone. Also, we can use these types of mailer boxes for the retail purpose for the sale of different products.


Add-ons include coatings, colors, foiling, windows, and printing options.

The coatings come in three types one is matte, the second one is gloss and the last one is UV spot. You can use them to change the dull surface of the box into a smooth and shiny one.

Colors have two types CMYK and PMS. The CMYK has four colors cyan magenta yellow and black. These colors mix and form other colors. This is light on the budget. Additionally, the PMS is a type with different shades and it is slightly heavy on the budget.


Moreover, the printing types are used to personalize the boxes or for the impressive sale of the vape cartridge of your brand. There are three types of printing:

  • Off-set
  • Digital
  • Flexography

The first one is the most ancient and used one type of printing. This includes the use of ink. Furthermore, this would be light at your budget if you would use it for the bulk of printing. As compared to the off-set, digital printing uses toner instead of ink. This gives very effective finishing. The third type is flexography which knows as the modern type of printing. Also, this is very affordable if you use this method for the printings at a large level.

The Cosmetic Boxes counts in one of the well-known companies that sell these boxes. They offered impressive discount deals with the free delivery of the Custom Decorative Mailer Boxes Wholesale. Go and visit their website for more information.

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