Decking Stain vs Oil: Best for Preservation?

decking oil

Whether your decking is completely new or a few years old, you’ll have to examine what you’ll do to keep it looking good at some point.

To keep your deck in good shape, you’ll need to maintain it on a regular basis, and one of the best methods to do so is to apply decking stains and oils. 

What is the distinction between decking stain and oil, though, is a question that many people have. The primary differences are explained here, along with our recommendations for the supplies you’ll need based on the style of decking you have.

What Is Exterior Deck Oil?

Decking oil is known bring out all the natural qualities of the wood while also protecting it from bending, cracking, and fracturing.

Exterior deck oils come in both transparent and coloured varieties and are easy to manage and use.

The oil will protect your outside decking from UV radiation and water leaks while also nourishing it by replacing natural oils in the wood. One of the main advantages of utilizing exterior deck oils is that just a little goes a long way, and numerous thin coats will provide ample covering. The oil will set rapidly if applied appropriately with a brush and ought to be dry in 4 to 8 hours.

Exterior deck oil is ideal for healing minor areas of deck deterioration and will not crack or strip away from the wood’s top. It will also give the wood more traction, making your decking less slick when the colder months arrive.

The drawbacks of exterior deck oil

Exterior deck oils have the potential to be incompatible with unique hardwood decking, thus it’s best to check compatibility before applying.

Another difficulty is that if you want to substitute the oils with decking stain, you’ll need to first remove the oil from the board, since the oil will stop the stain from adhering to it. You should also avoid mixing various types of deck oil because there are two types: solvent based, and liquid based. If the 2 types of oil are mixed, the outcome may be uneven or spotty.

What is decking stain?

Decking stain can varnish and coat your outside decking, giving it a fresh new look. It comes in a range of colours and is simple to apply with a paintbrush.

The stain adds an extra layer of protection between the timber and any trash that could harm your deck. The stain is very effective at preventing the growth of mould or algae on the wood’s top.

It will also provide you with a wide range of colour possibilities, allowing you to rapidly revitalize and transform your outdoor area. The stain’s colour pigments also aid to protect the wood against sun damage and grey discoloration.

The negatives to decking stain

If the staining itself is affected, it may fracture or flake, which is a possible problem with decking stain.

This usually occurs when water has gotten under the stain surface, or if your deck has been damaged by some equipment.

If you want to eliminate an existing stain from your decking, you’ll have to peel the initial coating off the wood, which may take a lot of manual work.


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